Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Tickets
Duration: 60 min
Canyon Club, Four Queens
Price: from $29
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Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Tickets

Have you ever thought that comedy and magic might be combined in a marvelous performance? Are you still wondering that some of the city events are much more popular than other ones and sometimes the attending auditory is just enormous? The Best Vegas website assures you that Mike Hammer Comedy Magic show would give the answers to all the posed questions. Covering a huge number of topics and genres, it is a unique part of the city and something that is commonly associated with Las Vegas.

It is a wonderful mixture of tricks and jokes that would result in the audience experiencing complete joy, laughter, and happiness. The mind reading skills that are typically used by famous magicians are given in a smart and funny, prankish way so that any visitor would be both impressed and excited. The show allows its visitors not only to watch and experience the famous tricks and magic processes but also to be impressed in a kind and friendly manner and stay in a good mood throughout the event.

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic is also just a perfect one of the family things to do. While casinos and adult shows are something you would not be able to attend altogether with your family, the magic and comedy shows are a brilliant choice and the Best Vegas website offers a review of each of those things this weekend.

During the event, you would be able to experience such tricks:

  • escaping out of handcuffs
  • swallowing a sword
  • spinning objects in the air
  • mind reading

The skillful and professional Mike Hammer is an amazing performer. There is a variety of his shows in Las Vegas. He started his career path as an ordinary magician with an extraordinary interactive routine about 25 years ago.

His first performances were held all across the United States and were something that started building up his reputation as a proficient magician. His performances happened in thousands of clubs, schools, colleges, universities, and private enterprises. Mike Hammer also is a pop artist that is usually welcomed by such corporative clients as Toyota, Lexus, Dell, Sony, Harrah’s and many more else.

Apart from being involved in comedy and magic shows, Mike Hammer is also one of the most recognized announcers and presenters and performed as a lead at mixed martial arts (MMA) events that were continuously held in the city of Las Vegas. Given a rare chance to visit his show, any visitor should not miss it and rather book his/her seat using the Best Vegas website.

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