Jump off the Stratosphere
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SkyJump Las Vegas, Stratosphere
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Jump off the Stratosphere

Upon arrival to the city of Las Vegas, it’s pretty much impossible not to notice the enormous stratosphere that is seen from almost every part of the city, factually speaking. Everyone supposedly knows that there are a hotel and casino located inside of such a prominent piece of architecture, but could you ever imagine that it’s possible to jump off from the eight hundred feet building all by yourself?

Truly, if such an extreme form of fun is something that rocks your world, then the option of jumping off the stratosphere would surely seem appealing. Sky Jump, the name for such an adventure, is offered throughout most times of the year and for the majority of the visitors. There is an age requirement set for the attraction, meaning that one has to be at least fourteen years old and have a parent-signed waiver with himself or herself if being a minor.

Likewise, it’s required that the person is fifty-two inches or taller and weights no more than two hundred and sixty-five pounds as a matter of fact. Of course, some people may have a dubious attitude regarding such requirements, but it’s vital to comprehend the notion that they contribute to the incredible safety of the overall experience.
What’s also worth noting is the price that differs for every single visitor. Why so? Well, it is quite dependent on some of the factors. For instance, if one stays in the Stratosphere Hotel for a couple of nights and decides to make a prominent jump, then it’s possible to save up to twenty dollars while on such a deed. Otherwise, the standard price for making a jump is close to one hundred and twenty dollars. At the same time, it may be helpful to not bring any valuable things to the jumping area as it’s required to leave phones, shoes, bags, etc at the locker that’s located at the location.

As the majority of the visitors indicate on the major reviewing websites, SkyJump is an option that happens only once in a lifetime. A lot of people don’t hesitate to fly to Las Vegas solely for the purpose to jump off the enormously huge stratosphere and get one’s ass filled with adrenaline after undergoing such a brave experience. Without doubts, such an experience would undoubtedly prove great, especially in the long-term perspective as there would be lots of memories left behind!

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