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Duration: 75 min
Saxe Theater, Miracle Mile Shops
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Nathan Burton Tickets Online

An extraordinary mixture of magic and humor, large-scale performance, and interactive activities, Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show is a great opportunity to experience laughter, fear, surprise, and deepest of impressions in a single performance. This activity is certainly on the top list of the most awaited performances in Las Vegas so that you should be extremely happy to get the ticket for the show! The state-of-art tricks and magic moves would be shown along with the brightest and finest elements of comedy.

The show is the best fit for ones who travel with families as well as for those ones who travel alone. On top of being one of the top-rated shows in Las Vegas, Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic Show is something unique since it is a mixture of comedy and magic, which independently are very popular genres of entertainment nowadays.

Nathan Burton gained his fame as a star of the magic show called “The World’s Wildest Magic” that was cast by NBC in 1996. From that time on, he continuously became recognized all around the world due to the uniqueness and extreme solidity of his performed tricks and plays. Later, in 2005, Burton was selected to perform as the only magician on a magic show called “The Entertainer”.

This period of time is usually marked as the most successful in the artist’s life and is considered to bring Burton the most of the acknowledgment and fame. After this period of time, Nathan Burton decided to participate in “America’s Got Talent” show and although he didn’t become the winner, he made lots of his reputation and fame there.

Burton’s Comedy Magic Show is all about the world’s most efficient and famous tricks as well as high-quality comedy. The magician performs such outstanding activities as tricks where a person disappears or where Burton’s hand are put into a BBQ and later excluded safely with no signs of harm. There is a large number of other tricks and plays that would be available for watching while visiting the performance.

Nathan Burton’s show is a great family style event that would make everyone – from kids to adults – deeply impressed about and interested in what is going on the scene and how is it going on the scene. It is a great opportunity to get both valuable experience and perfect emotions. You should be already booking a ticket on the Best-Vegas website!

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