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Without doubts, there are always some basic rules of magic that can’t be unfollowed at any time: never tell the audience the secrets behind the ticks, don’t show any significant preparation for the matter, and don’t you even think to fall under the traditional-minded tricks and stunts that never surprise anyone. Well, to be honest, Penn and Teller are the kinds of the duo that doesn’t care about the rules and break them all the time, only with one exception: the audience absolutely loves everything that they have to offer at the Rio Hotel and Casino when performing. Although, it’s crucial to comprehend the notion that just like any other duo, Penn and Teller have their absolute strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, the duo doesn’t hesitate to create the perfect combination of comedy, entertainment and wrap it all up under the face of magic. For some of the visitors, such a structuring would seem all over the top, while others simply enjoy the abundance of different things, present at the show. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the show features the narrator (Penn) and provides an ironic and sarcastic comment on pretty much everything that’s going on on the stage while the other member (Teller) leads the show in a speechless manner.

Most of the tricks are creative as hell, innovative and sometimes even creepy as some of the critics regularly indicate. The funniest thing about the show, undoubtedly, is that it breaks the threshold of expectations that are set by the majority of the reviewing websites. People start expecting a sort of traditional and scripted performance from Penn and Teller but the infamous duo simply starts to wildly improvise, destroying everyone’s pre-set prejudices.

This, in turn, is the precise reason why Penn and Teller have gained such an enormous popularity in the recent while, especially in the city of Las Vegas as a matter of fact.

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