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Duration: 85 min
The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas
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Opium Show Tickets Online

If you ever dreamt of watching the show that combines a dirty comedy with the trippy atmosphere of space, then the option of attending “Opium” would surely satisfy all of your expectations. It’s a pure chance of exploring the space world while getting aboard at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (don’t worry about the trippy part much; no mind-altering is required to enjoy the experiences offered while visiting Opium).

From the creators of the show called “Absinthe”, Opium continues the tradition of incredibly dirty and offensive jokes that would be deemed inappropriate anywhere you go too, but that is way cooler than it seems. To this end, it’s no surprise that only the older audience of people may attend the show for adults because the minors would surely learn a couple of new swears after seeing the show, no doubts. Along with the humor, the average visitor would come across a variety of things that should be mentioned here:

  • The drag queen with the voice of Cher
  • A hot guy with a little dog and a gay sword
  • Dirty, dirty humor
  • Zero Tolerance Policy

Without doubts, the simple fact that the show wants to be offensive already deserves the admiration of the audience, but the fact that it is equally funny and funky seems to break the threshold of expectations. Opium is ought to take you on the violent ride into the world of rude humor, something that can’t be typically done if you live in the countryside as a matter of fact. Thus, the mission of the creators becomes as obvious as never before, especially after reading the list of things to do during the show on the Best-Vegas website: feel free to puke, fart, or do whatever the hell you want to, including smoking and drinking if you wish.

The performance is incredibly tight and has no gaps, the visitors continue to stay impressed with the costumes and acting way after the show ends. After all, the storyline is pretty good and coherent, making the show quite comparable to the majority of the Broadway-like performance that come to the city of Las Vegas, which only intensifies the need for visiting, no doubts.

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