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Westgate Cabaret, Las Vegas
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Wallace at Westgate Tickets Online

George Wallace is the kind of comedian that wouldn’t hesitate to tell some hilarious things about his hometown or make up a story that would leave everyone in the audience quite speechless. While it’s possible Wallace is a supercomputer who memorizes a lot of text, it’s probably more true that the comedic genius of Wallace is the exact reason why he traveled all across the world, discovering more comedy to bring back to the city of Las Vegas.

Being a black comedian trying to reach for the stars could have been quite challenging in the United States, yet not so much for the shining talent of George Wallace. After appearing on the stage multiple times, he simply deserved the admiration of the audiences without much of an effort as it may seem from the first-hand analysis. Still, If you’re familiar with comedy as a genre, you have surely heard before of George Wallace. The guy is an icon, doing lots of impactful stuff:

  • Appeared in the game since 1977
  • Changed his comedy style more than five times
  • Gathered audiences all over the globe
  • Participated in numerous movies and TV Shows

Because the comedian has been around for such a long time, it’s guaranteed that the show would be of exceptional quality and hit over the top with Wallace’s pure memorization skills. There is even a saying going on that it’s possible to approach George Wallace a plenty of time before the show starts and he would remember the exact details of the occasion (think of Sherlock Holmes as an analogy).

Though, everyone can memorize a joke, not a plentiful of people can pull off a solid humor out of it, for which George is much appreciated as a comedian. So when you’re watching the show of George Wallace or reading the review on Best-Vegas, be sure that George knows way more about your hometown that you can possibly imagine; this is due to the fact that he is not only a dang supercomputer but also a brainiac that’s not afraid to freak out the audience of people of all ages and backgrounds, factually speaking. Thus, it makes a good sense to reserve the tickets and not wait until George Wallace approaches you somewhere on the street, haha!

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