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Rich Little is a Canadian impressionist, the voice actor who is now performing in Vegas. “The Man of Thousands of Voices” at ours performs in Las Vegas with his own show. The first thing that surprises you when you come to the show is almost always a great presence of children. Rich has always been known for their parodies of many prominent politicians and film heroes. But for the Rich children, the most memorable was due to the roles in Futurama and the Pink Panther.

Often on his shows, Rich is trying to dip into each of his roles in which he remembered. But because of a lack of speech at the time, he just does not have time to do it. Instead, after the show, he would love to take pictures with everyone who wants. Each performance of the famous voice actor is done with the help of his team. Carefully prepared text, good light support, which gives the solemn atmosphere of the show, all this creates an incredible atmosphere for everyone who wants to attend the performance.

If you have the opportunity, definitely visit Rich, because such a quality and the thoroughly thought-out show are still worth a search. In the beginning, due to the red screen, the presenter announcing Rich. After a long pause, he appears. The parody of his past roles, which is superimposed on the current events in the world, creates a more atmosphere of the stand-up than the show. After all, each of his phrases, written in such a way that it is impossible to throw it out, is important every detail understand what Rich tells. This is the main reason for the success of this show.

The atmosphere that you only need to feel, the reaction of the hall to any joke is always perceived positively because the correctly set tone is extremely important. Because of this, before the speech on the floor waiters with free candies or other appetizers go. Rich’s speeches include not only his roles but also many interesting stories from him, most of which relate to comic situations in his life.

Duration: 60
Laugh Factory, Tropicana Las Vegas
Price: $54
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