Tournament of Kings Tickets
Duration: 75 min
King Arthur's Arena, Excalibur, Las Vegas
Price: from $68
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Tournament of Kings Tickets

Showtimes: 6 p.m. Wednesday – Monday; 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

For all those, desiring to see some cool things to do while in Las Vegas, the option of traveling back in time to the Medieval times would surely seem appealing. As the show’s name, Tournament of Kings, suggests, the event is going to draw massive attention of all the fans of such age and would ultimately include dancing, singing, a feast, and knight fights as can be seen on Best-Vegas website.

Among all the events occurring in Vegas, Tournament of Kings offers some unique things, unseen anywhere else: featuring arena-style setting with each section, representing a different country. All the guests are basically encouraged to cheer up for the favorite country and sort of observe the real-life “Game of Thrones” go on as they continue to dine. As for the knights and authentic atmosphere, there are a lot of things to do while at the event: horse racing, sword fighting, and gladiator-style battles would appeal to the majority of the audience, though it’s worth mentioning that performances are dangerous.

Not every single visitor would get a chance to participate because of the safety concerns, yet still, the chance to watch the action go on is one in the lifetime, for sure. Things that are enjoyed include:

  • Food
  • Tournaments
  • Knights
  • Atmosphere

The food during the event also deserves some special attention. As the guests are seated and enjoying the show, it’s possible for them to try out some unique offerings. Among one of them is a hot tomato soup, called the “dragon’s blood”, which reminds of the good old times as described on our website.

Just like during the Middle Ages, don’t expect any forks or spoons to be offered: rather, it would help to be creative and eating a hard and solid dose of offerings by using hands and anything else you can event. After the meal is over, the entrance of King Arthur is pronounced, during which all the guests are supposed to “show respect”, whatever it means or indicates in the long-term perspective.

During such times, steamed vegetables, biscuits, and mean are served. The king is the one who usually raises the glass first, after which wine or beer is served to the guests. To conclude, Tournament of Kings is probably the best option for all those looking for unusual things to do while paying a visit to the city of Las Vegas.

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