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House of Tape, Harrah's, Las Vegas
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Tape Face Tickets Online

Sam Wills is much better known to us than Tap Face. Why Tap? Everything is extremely simple because his face is rewound with a black ribbon. Sam – Irish comedian, clown, mime. He decided to start his show with a variety of experiments because he did not have anything like that. A properly selected image, accompanied by an incredible acting game by Sem, all this has brought the show’s success. His awards:

  • In 2001, Wills received Pulp Comedy’s Best New Face Award.
  • In 2006, he received the “Best Show” and “Best Show Concept” awards from the New Zealand Comedy Guild.
  • In 2016, he was presented with the International Achievement Award from the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand.

Not a very important factor played its popularity after participating in various comedy shows in different countries. The first thought when you see Sam on the stage of his show is that you do not know what to expect from the performance and for what you paid your money. However, after a while, this idea leaves you, because the show is so fascinating that any of your thoughts go into the background.

The essence of the show is that Sam makes extremely comic and seemingly absurd situations at first glance. He gets strange things out of his bag and begins to do something. Until the very end, it’s extremely hard to understand what he wants to do until the artist himself does not want it. Perhaps part of the success is also in this. It is also worth talking about the image of a comedian on the show.

As a rule, he is dressed in a black, gorgeous suit and fringe. There is no headgear in Sem. In the performance of the performance, he experimented with many images, not only emotionally but also through other clothes. Well, of course, do not forget about his chip. A black ribbon that makes it a mime. At the moment, every day in September (except Monday), his performance in Vegas will take place. If you have not bought tickets, do it immediately, because the number of seats is limited. It is also worth mentioning that for children under 8 years of age the entrance to the show is free. Therefore, it is a good reason to just spend time with the family.

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