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Duration: 180 min
Sapphire Gentleman's Club, Las Vegas
Price: from $50
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Men Of Sapphire Tickets Online

There can be no better place than Las Vegas for celebrating a birthday or a bachelorette party, can there? The mere presence of MEN OF SAPPHIRE show is enough for ladies to rush to Vegas! This show is perfect for enjoying some naughty fun, getting some thrilling and energizing experience that can’t be compared to anything else!

It’s been already a decade since MEN OF SAPPHIRE show started to entertain crowds with its mind-blowing fantasy themed dances. And the popularity of the show only seems to keep on rising year by year.

Being one of the longest shows of Vegas and lasting as much as three hours, MEN OF SAPPHIRE promises you some superb experiences! And if you are tempted to enjoy an exhilarating night of male flesh paraded onto the stage, welcome to Sapphire Showroom, at Sapphire Gentleman’s Club. Only make sure you have your identity card with you to confirm you are over 21 and have the right to be present at such a hot performance for only adult ladies as MEN OF SAPPHIRE!

Would you like to find out who you can expect to see on the stage? There are eight dancers who get onto the stage with a rotating cast. Here are them:

  • Rico Elbaz (a former Mr. Universe);
  • Taurus;
  • Mike Anthony;
  • Justin;
  • Diego Jesse;
  • Kaleb;
  • Gage;
  • Steve Kim;
  • A.J.;
  • Armani;
  • Nile.

Even though these are most probably the stage names of the performers, you won’t care once you see their masculine sexy bodies dancing especially for you!

MEN OF SAPPHIRE show is started with a thunderous remarkable entrance of the entire troupe under loud electronic music and accompanied with stunning multimedia effects. Each move they take is saturated with lust and artistry. Right after this, expect some fantastic changes in the show! These gorgeous dancers will appear in different costumes to satisfy every woman’s imagination! You will see them in cowboy, fireman, military, and construction worker’s outfits. All these costumes are gradually taken off until only a tightly fitting thong is left. Could you resist the temptation to stretch your hand and insert some cash into it while not losing the chance to touch the firm muscles and the silk skin of these men?!

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