Defending The Caveman Tickets Online
Duration: 65 min
Showroom, The D, Las Vegas
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Price: from $25
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Defending The Caveman Tickets Online

The hilarious show depicts the difference between men and women in all senses. Many of the scenes on this show are devoted to married couples and their household problems. No wonder the show is called “DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN” because Rob examines this problem from the point of view of a man, and maybe some primitive views on any women’s issues. How frequent are the quarrels between men and women through trinkets, which it is simply impossible for men to understand? Rob answers this question and tries to answer by mocking many aspects of the relationship.

Comedy play, written by Rob Becker, who gained ferocious success at many events invited by Rob. He visited many countries as:

  • Germany
  • France
  • USA
  • Canada
  • China
  • Austria

You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that before the show, many people who bought a ticket are taking part in a sort of lottery, winners of which receive a 50% discount on any food or drink. The beginning of the performance begins with a team of professional comedians who have fun at the hall. After that, Rob’s show begins. The light goes out and the cool music on stage appears Rob. The hall explodes from applause, the comedian is welcomed with the present and the show begins. In the course of the entire performance, most of the comic moments created precisely thanks to Rob’s acting game. The creams it creates are not capable of leaving anyone indifferent to the present.

Competently composed text, jokes that make fun of the situation that we all have. It is these factors that brought the crazy show of fame. If you enjoy the performances of well-known comedians, good humor and well spent time, it’s definitely worth a visit to this show.
Unfortunately, at the moment the show will not be held in Vegas, but soon the caveman will be obliged to know about himself. As soon as you know about any of Rob’s forthcoming performances and his shows, you will definitely learn about it, because his performances are popular on any part of our planet.

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