LINQ Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Review
Rating: 3.6 / 5
Price: from $33.95
Number of rooms: N/A
Icon Claw Pets allowed: Yes, but only in specific rooms. There is also a fee.
Shuttle service to the airport: Yes
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LINQ Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Review

    After a long incredibly stressful day in the office, all you need is to get to a place where you can unwind, relax and have some fun. Then you realize how important rest is. If possible, you might consider taking a couple of friends to hang out and enjoy the night together. Well, LINQ Hotel Las Vegas is not just for people visiting Las Vegas for the first time. It is also for those who live within Las Vegas and who need to unwind and have some fun.
    Located at 3535 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8921, this restaurant, and casino is a 3-minute drive to the McCarran International Airport and only a 2-minute drive from the Linq station. You are close to all the important facilities. Therefore, you can have fun without worrying about access to basic amenities.
    However, with a wide range of restaurants, singling out one club that can bring you all the pleasure may not be that easy. The easiest way to find the best club is to make a list of the things you would wish to get in the club. If that’s the case, here are some of the things to expect from the LINQ Hotel Las Vegas.

    VIP entrance on the nightclub and casino side

    Your hottest nightclub should at least offer you a VIP entrance experience. A direct ticket to the awesome club is party lover’s dream. The feeling of being a special one enhances your ego and strengthens your circle. At LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas, all this is at your disposal. At a small fee, you can comfortably have the space reserved before your coming to the hotel. Therefore, you don’t need to go through the humiliation of standing in long queues waiting to get in for a fun-filled adventure.
    Additionally, the VIP entrance awards you an exceptional opportunity to belong in the club. With the entrance, you will feel great when taking your friends out. You also enjoy getting your drinks and food served by the best waiters and waitresses in the club.
    Another benefit of having a VIP pass at Las Vegas LINQ Hotel is that you can even organize an after-hours office party. You can also customize the event and ensure you not only celebrate by the usual scenario but rather have your expectations observed at the club.

    Wide view of Vegas city

    When you wake up in a hotel, it feels incredible to have more than one place to look at the whole city. Having the benefit of seeing everything around you and have an extensive view of the surrounding environment will give you unforgettable impressions. Here at the terrace, you will enjoy the magnificent view. The fact that the LINQ Hotel & Casino Las Vegas NV is placed at an elevated position is proof enough that you will be satisfied. At this point, you will experience a convenient view of the sunset.
    Additionally, while at LINQ Hotel Las Vegas, you definitely should enjoy an exceptional view of the whole city. Therefore, it will be easy for you to know what is happening away from the club. While at this place, you are going not only enjoy your special drink and food, but every moment you spend here will count to your pleasure.

    Exceptional services

    When you go out, you want to relax and enjoy being served at the expense of your money. Therefore, when you go to a restaurant, all you want is to have a waiter assigned to you. A person will be readily available every minute.
    Also, the club offers limo rides to and from airports. This guarantees that you can get to the casino even when all odds are working against you. The limo ride can barely pick you from any place including airports and other states. While riding on this limo, you are sure that you will make a grand entrance every time you get in the casino.
    The music at the LINQ Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is cool. The Dj gets to play tunes that are handpicked by the crowd. Therefore, you may have an opportunity to listen to your favorite hits and dance it out amid other jam lovers. Occasionally, you get the advantage to sing alongside your favorite musician.

    Reservations at LINQ Hotel

    When you read LINQ Hotel Las Vegas reviews, you can make booking and reservations. Therefore, if you would like to through a party for your friends, it is easy to arrange with the hotel and have your event customized.
    With reservations, your place will always be preserved just for you. You shouldn’t worry even when the LINQ Hotel Las Vegas Nevada receives more customers than the usual. Additionally, with your place reserved, you can always ask about getting it early.
    Las Vegas, however, has numerous options to ensure you try all the fun you can experience under the same roof. Therefore, when choosing a club, it’s important to have all its observations.
    Also, you may have a great opportunity to get the appropriate casino experience. If you are new here and you are not aware of the options you have, why not to consider coming to LINQ Hotel Las Vegas NV and experience all the benefits of the hotel.

    What else does LINQ Hotel Las Vegas offer?

    Whatever you want, this deluxe hotel will bring you real satisfaction. The resort offers you a convenient and ample space where you can embody your ideas about the wedding ceremony, graduation party or honeymoon into reality. The large rooms are all en-suite with well thought through décor to ensure you have a romantic stay. The exterior features old world charm signals while the interior is modern to keep you open to the current world.
    Since there is an acclaimed restaurant, you can be sure that you are going to eat the most delicious dishes you’ve ever tasted. Therefore, when you are here for picnics, you will not leave on an empty stomach. Additionally, LINQ Hotel Las Vegas is highly recommended as a wellness center and day spa. It ensures to provide the guests with a range of treatments to make their leisure time unforgettable.

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