Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Review
Rating: 4.1 / 5
Price: from $59.95
Number of rooms: 3,309
Icon Claw Pets allowed: No.
Shuttle service to the airport: No. Shuttle service to and from the airport available for a fee from an outside company.
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Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Review

    Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas is a perfect site for those looking for a touch of nature on their vacation. The place can boast of its on-site beach that’s located right in the middle of the hotel area. This makes the hotel a perfect place for combining a beach vacation with the city’s lively atmosphere and numerous fun activities. Mandalay Bay will have you both rested and entertained.

    Amenities at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

    Even though it’s situated in the middle of the always awake city, Mandalay Bay Las Vegas makes an emphasis on the outdoor rest and activities. The main attraction that the place holds is the private beach. The real-looking, crystal clear water surrounded by sand is right downstairs from your accommodation. The area also has swimming pools and an artificial river. So be sure you’ll have many options of how to enjoy laying in the sun and being in the water.

    Besides water and sunbathing activities, you are also offered to enjoy the time outside without going out to the city. Las Vegas Mandalay Bay has a terrace and a sun deck with outdoor furniture provided for your comfort. Outside bars and a grill area will ensure that you gain that detox time on fresh air while grabbing a bite and interacting with other guests.

    It also holds a casino and a spa resort on its territory, both covering a huge section of Mandalay Bay. In case you are looking for an opportunity to have a usual night out, go to a restaurant or one of the bars that belong to the hotel or attend a party at a private nightclub. Live performances and even Cirque du Soleil shows are available at Mandalay Bay, you are welcome to ask the staff about the tickets.

    Mandalay Bay Rooms create the most relaxing atmosphere for you. Large windows taking all the wall space will let you bath in the sunlight without leaving the suite. The windows show an incredible view of Las Vegas and the nearby beach area. You are provided with a seating area to have a moment to appreciate the view and your vacation time. Besides, with a 42-inch TV screen, you’ll keep yourself entertained while getting ready for that night out.



    Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas has a large pool area with a lot of activities provided to enjoy both in and around the water on the Aquatic Playground, which makes up 11 acres. After laying on the sun, enjoy the calmness of the Lazy River and a lagoon nearby or soak in the pool while drinking a cocktail. Aside from these, you are welcome to rent a bungalow on the beach or rest in a cabana to hide away from the sun. Both options provide you with personalized service so that you have a mindless and worry-free relax time. Be aware that the pool territory is open to visitors that are not hotel guests. However, such a policy is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet new friends while enjoying the beach grill.


    Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino has an enormous spa center with diverse services offered. The area of 30,000 sq. ft. holds massage rooms, wet areas, showers, body and face treatment facilities, and a beauty salon. You can get a daily pass not to miss any of the provided services, including a redwood sauna and a steam room. Per your request, the staff can supply you with a robe and a pair of sandals as well as will give you a bar of soap as a gift for the visit. The Mandalay Bay Resort also has a gym on site.


    In addition to the variety of activities for the day, the night time is equally fun at Las Vegas Mandalay Bay. The LIGHT Nightclub is another place for you to check out while staying at Mandalay Bay. The club hosts parties and DJ performances that will give you a chance to have the most amazing night at Mandalay Bay. At the same time, you can go further away from the hotel area to find a place nearby. In any case, you’ll get a fun Las Vegas experience at Mandalay Bay.

    Other Activities

    With its artificial beach and large water area, the Mandalay Bay Vegas holds a Shark Reef Aquarium. Walk under the aquarium to discover the underwater world of the animal habitat. Then, the on-site casino hosting several rooms for gambling and poker will be an interesting entertainment option for the evening after being in the water all day. In addition, the hotel area hosts large sports events and other types of entertainment shows at a private Convention Center. There is also a concert hall, for which you should check out the upcoming shows when planning your stay in Las Vegas.


    The food options at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas are diverse and will suit your taste regardless of what you like or don’t like in your meals. They have a restaurant where the main meals are served. Don’t forget to request the staff to serve you with a special meal in case you stick to a particular diet. However, breakfast meals can be served directly to the Mandalay Bay Hotel rooms so that you can have a morning meal while enjoying the morning sunshine in the comfort of your bed.

    In addition to these services, the hotel offers to spend some time in a coffee shop over a cup of coffee. Snack bars are another alternative for getting a grab in between the main meals. You can also ask for cookies, chocolate, fruit, or drinks, including alcohol ones, from the staff for an additional charge. Besides, a buffet for children is available to the guests.

    Mandalay Bay Las Vegas is an enormous, unusual for the city place that will be a good choice for you when looking for a place near the water. Staying at this hotel will give you a chance to experience a combination of Las Vegas fun and all-year-round summer.

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