New York New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Review
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New York New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Review

    New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada is an enormous piece of the city in Nevada. It has a copy of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge that are enhanced with a special program of entertainment. Along with the casino, an on-site roller coaster, and restaurants with diverse cuisines, the hotel will allow you to have a true adventure and a combination of both New York City and Las Vegas experiences.

    Amenities at New York New York Hotel

    New York New York Hotel Las Vegas collects the fascinating parts of New York City and offers exciting activities on site. These include enjoying a walk around the replicas of the city’s most popular places, such as the Statue of Liberty of 150 ft. in size. You can also go to a half-circle roller coaster to get that adrenaline rush and a burst of emotions. What is more, Adrenaline Circuit offers you a pair of VR goggles to provide you with the most fun experience. On top of that, you are welcome to taste the cuisine of any country in one of the 11 restaurants that the hotel holds. Read more about all of these further.

    Considering more traditional activities and entertainment options available at New York New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas NV, the hotel has a large casino with numerous rooms for various gambling experiences. You can also visit the spa center, spend time in the pool area, or ask the staff about the live shows that take place in the evening, including those of Cirque du Soleil. Some of the events are held in the hotel directly while others require going to the city and exploring nearby areas.

    The rooms at the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas are as appealing as the outdoor area. Each room offers workspace and a television cable with a flat screen. The accommodation is cozy, spacious, and therefore full of sunlight, which allows you to enjoy the day without leaving the suite. The Internet access is provided on the territory of the hotel but you will be charged additionally for providing Wi-Fi to your room. You are also welcome to use room service at any time.

    In addition, at New York Hotel Las Vegas, you can enjoy your vacation with kids without forcing them to follow you all the time. The hotel encourages the guests to bring their whole families and offers TV channels for kids as well as a play area indoors. Besides, the hotel is a member of the Military & Veterans Program that provides reduced price offers to veterans and some of their family members.



    The spa center at New York New York Hotel Las Vegas is diverse in the provided services so that you can have a choice between the procedures to get. The available options include facials, massages, and even gentlemen’s treatment. Getting a package that includes several services is a good option, as it allows you saving some money in total. The spa also holds a shop that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible: every sold skin care and treatment product contributes to a tree being planted. In addition, the on-site beauty salon provides hair, makeup, and nail services for you to get ready for a night out during vacation.


    The pool area at New Yor New York Hotel in Las Vegas is equipped with everything you may need during your time near the water. When visiting the area, you get provided with a couple of lounges, a towel, a beach umbrella for an additional charge, and Wi-Fi access for a full experience. On top of that, you are welcome to ask for a bucket of ice to keep your drinks refreshing.

    In case you feel like moving to a more private area with personalized service, you can go to one of the cabanas. The amenities provided include lounges, bottles of water, a fan, some outdoor furniture pieces for your comfort, and such additional facilities as TV cable and refrigerator. Regardless of whether you want to lay in the sun or soak in the water, the Hotel New York Las Vegas will help you to get a good time near the pool with plenty of services they offer there.


    The New York New York Hotel Vegas holds a casino on site to provide the guests with a true experience of a Vegas vacation. The casino is separated into different rooms, depending on the type of game, which also includes machine slots. The New York New York Casino offers a special deal, $5 Blackjack Daily so that you don’t get bored and can diversify your gambling routine. Therefore, if you like to challenge your luck from time to time, you are welcome to visit the casino.

    Other Activities

    New York themed hotel located in the very center of Las Vegas, New York Hotel Las Vegas offers a variety of entertainment options to discover outside the place. For example, you can go to the T-Mobile Arena that is right near the hotel. The venue hosts large events, such as sports competitions, live shows and performances, and music concerts. Check the place’s agenda before going on the trip and choose what sounds the most exciting to you.

    Another option for you to check out aside from the on-site activities at New York Hotel Vegas is the Park. The place unites guests from the hotels situated in the area for diverse events, such as picnics and concerts. Even if the site doesn’t host any events during your stay in Vegas, walking around is never a bad idea. The Park is a perfect place to get social while breathing the fresh air.

    New York New York Las Vegas Hotel is a unique place that features the best attractions reminding of New York City. A large pool area, various spa services, and the casino will make your vacation enjoyable and ensure that you have a lot of fun. Besides, the hotel provides numerous opportunities for trying new experiences, including those extremely adventurous and adrenaline-pumping ones.

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