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Duration: 85 min
Troesh Studio Theater at The Smith Center
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Spamilton Tickets Online

This year is a sparkling one in Las Vegas. February is coming in with an outstanding funny parody. Created by the mastermind of Forbidden Broadway, the long-running hit, Spamilton will tear up Las Vegas as it did with Chicago and Los Angeles.

This American Parody awakens a singing, dancing, and comedy revolution in Las Vegas. Although for a limited time only, everyone who attends this show will have something to remember for a lifetime.
Tickets on Spamilton are already on sale. February is coming, and it would be a wise idea to buy them as early as possible to avoid last minute rush.

According to the Huffington Post, you will have a side-splitting fun at Spamilton even if you don’t see the Hamilton. Reviews already show that this musical in Las Vegas is going to be among the greatest shows in this city.


Gerald Alessandrini described this musical as the biggest show he had ever witnessed in broadways since 1981. Because of his love for ‘Forbidden Broadway’ that has been on the lips of many for a decade, he decided to create this one.

His efforts and talent reflect in the most acclaimed musical “Spamilton: An American Parody.” It is offering satirical songs, great dancing, and a wonderful approach to theatre fans. Newcomers are welcomed to visit this spectacle as well as fans of Hamilton.

This family show will be a real cross-section show of ages. With tickets on this show in Las Vegas already in stock, people of all ages have a chance to have the best time of their life.

A hilarious parody

Spamilton is a non-stop laughter comedy according to Alessandrini. Early discount tickets are almost sold out.
It is a combination of the hit “Hamilton” songs full of witty references and satire. It includes altering songs like “What’d I miss” into the spoof “What Did You Miss?” satirizing information in “Hamilton”.

Location and dates

The Smith Center in Las Vegas will host Spamilton musical from January 22 to February 10. These nights in Las Vegas will be brighter than the days.

Being familiar is not needed!

You don’t need to know “Hamilton” for enjoying this show, as was said by Alessandrini. It brings life to the whole overall theatre industry. Even those who are not theatre fans will find something to remember forever.

Get tickets

This show runs from January 22 and tickets are already in stock. Visit Best-Vegas to buy discounted tickets just now!

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