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Duration: 90 min
Flamingo, Las Vegas
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X Burlesque Show Tickets Online

In its entity, X Burlesque is the kind of show that can’t be missed by the fans of theatrical-like performances in the context of the city of Las Vegas, especially in the long-term perspective. As every single one of the dancers impresses the audience with an incredible stage performance, no one can simply hold on to his or her emotions as reviews on Best-Vegas ultimately indicate. Simply speaking, the show has a multitude of features to offer, including:

  1. Topless Dancers
  2. Incredible authentic atmosphere
  3. A country tribute
  4. Lots of singing
  5. Breezes of nostalgia

To understand the significance of the show, it may be helpful to start from the exact beginning. X Burlesque starts with the X Girls or a variety of topless strippers with a thorough performance to offer. Such a move is easily explained by the creators of the event: the audience simply heats up in a perfect manner after seeing such marvellous girls dancing all over the Flamingo Cabaret where the show ultimately takes place.
Because X Burlesque is located in the theatre, containing 180 seats, it allows for the somewhat personal interactions of dancers and actors with the audience; sometimes, girls even wander off to some specific people to perform a trick or two on the stripper pole, which the audience particularly appreciates as indicated on the Best-Vegas.
What’s pretty special about the grown-up show is that it also has the video screens that allow for seeing all of the natural beauty flowing around the place for the visitors seating far away from the main stage, which is pretty convenient as a matter of fact.

Moreover, the show is overfilled with the popular music that ranges from country to rock and pop, ensuring that the visitors of different preferences would stay satisfied regardless of the context. The show features a country tribute holding a name “Down Home Cookin” and music by different prominent musicians in the industry.
While the audience cools down after the enormously pressuring and engaging numbers, X Burlesque continues to surprise them with things that may be really unexpected to all. Thus, it kind of makes a perfect sense why the minors aren’t allowed to come (you need to be at least eighteen years old to be able to attend).

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