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Best Shows in Las Vegas January 2018

Without any further justification, it’s clear that the visitation to Las Vegas is incomplete without seeing all of the events, concerts, and shows that the city has to offer. Even though there is an abundance of offerings, it’s better to surely double check the listing of all of the performances to not fool oneself into the low-quality scam prevalent in the “city of sins”. To this end, it may be helpful to check the ratings, reviews, and reputation of the shows of the focus to ultimately secure oneself a flawless visitation to the circus of your dreams while staying in the city, which only intensifies a need for so.

V-Ultimate Variety

Among all the best Las Vegas shows in January 2019, the option of attending V-Ultimate Variety would surely seem appealing to all of the fans of the extreme forms of entertainment. Featuring the energetic tricks and stunts, vivid costumes, and theatrical atmosphere, V-Ultimate Variety aims to gain an admiration from the audience of all ages and backgrounds. Not to forget to mention the fact that there is an enormous effort put into the production and staging, which contributes to the notion of success as claimed by the show’s visitors. Besides, it’s worth noting that V-Ultimate Variety is permanent in the city of Las Vegas, even though the January performance is usually the special one. Although, it’s vital to realize that the tickets get easily sold during all times of the year, which is why one needs to reserve them at least two weeks in advance to the show.

Michael Jackson One

The death of the prominent artist has surely left the entire world speechless and left the fans wondering about the future of music industry. The creators of the show seem to share such a grief. Indeed, the simple fact that such a tribute show was created reinforces the ultimate remembrance of the Michael to the masses for which they receive much appreciation from the world. Featuring the widely known music, mostly the famous works of the artist, Michael Jackson One has the power to break the hearts of all Jackson’s fans. This is surely the reason why the show is self-proclaimed to be the best show in Las Vegas January 2018 because of its peaceful nature. Nevertheless, all those who feel pleased by hearing Michael’s nostalgic music should surely come and see the live performance and furthermore enjoy it.


Clearly, the show of the focus is intended solely for the adult audiences, which means that it’s not the best idea to bring kids to see Zumanity. Featuring the celebration of the erotic nurture of the human beings as well as the art of dancing incorporated into the performance, Zumanity aims to fade away the belief that nudity can only carry the sexual connotations. Truly, the lack of physical-focused sexual themes throughout the show only intensifies the show’s ideology, which seems appealing to all of the show’s visitors. No one can surely miss the chance to see such a spectacular performance, especially considering that it was named as the best Las Vegas show in January 2018.

Concluding Thoughts and A Piece of Advice

Before starting to delve into the world of entertainment that the city of Las Vegas offers during the month of January, it’s necessary to follow a simple guideline which will guarantee only positive memories afterward. First of all, it’s imperative to reserve all of the tickets beforehand to not miss the chance to attend the performance of the matter as the city tends to get busy during such a time of the year. Secondly, it’s helpful to bring one’s drinks and food to every single performance to save a couple of extra bucks. Finally, it’s not going to hurt to double-check all of the discounts available as they may result in major reductions of the initial price as stated on various websites. If following these pieces of advice, it’s not only possible to have only the spectacular time in Las Vegas in January but also create the notion of success that will stay vivid in mind for a long time.