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Las Vegas Events

All those confused about the abundance of shows and events in Las Vegas should realize that it’s hard to even for the local citizens to find the most exceptional things worth choosing. To this end, it may be helpful to keep track of everything that is happening by crossing out the Las Vegas events calendar, which every person could potentially create by himself or herself. Nevertheless, here’s a listing of some attention-drawing Las Vegas upcoming events that the editors of this article desire to visit themselves.

2018 Great Vegas Festival of Beer

It’s fair to claim that almost every person on the planet Earth has tried or would try at least a cup of beer throughout his or her lifetime. In turn, one of the events Las Vegas has established for its visitors offers an opportunity to try the variety of freshly-brewed beer that couldn‘t be found anywhere else except for the city grounds. Every visitor could try the free samples or purchase himself or herself a drink. Although, one needs to be at least twenty one years old to attend the festival (the American laws dictate such a policy).

Las Vegas Career&Job Fair

No one can deny the fact the career choice is genuinely impactful in the lives of the average people. Marking the Las Vegas calendar of events with its presence, such an event offers an unparalleled opportunity to talk and potentially land a job with America’s best companies. Among all Las Vegas events 2018, this one appears to be the one that could be entertaining as well as life-changing for all the parties involved in the process of looking for a good employee/employer.

Emerge Impact + Music

Among the Las Vegas events 2018, there is one that is truly distinct from others, being the emerge impact+music festival. It offers an unparalleled chance to hear some electronic music, as well as have fun with friends, family or just strangers you meet on the streets. This Las Vegas concert gets a good number of visitors each year, which is something outstanding on the scale of Vegas.

Hoops Madness at Hard Rock Strip

Recall the last time you had fun watching an intense basketball game. You’re right, it happens nearly all the time a group of friends, family, or other people gather watching some college kids playing the “game of the century”. The significance of the event also lies in the fact that it’s going to be hosted in Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Cafe, which offers a lot of options for drinks, such as beer, tequila, and vodka. Besides, there will be an opportunity to make a bet on the favorite team and generate a rapid profit out of the event, covering the initial cost of the tickets.

Tournament of Kings Dinner Show

Imagine yourself as a King Arthur, playing all around with your trustworthy knights somewhere back in the thirteen century. All is possible because the show somehow managed to combine an arena-style competition, as well as live-action production (similar to the one that could be found in the theater). Besides, the show itself offers an annual tournament for people who dress up similarly to how people used to back then. The winner gets a medieval-styled prize and lots of positive emotions as the show progresses further with its program!

English Country Dancing

If you feel somewhat connected to the English culture and enjoy the pieces of literature that the culture has to offer, then you may consider attending English Country Dancing. In itself, an event is a form of the Scottish dancing for amateurs, which is truly appealing to people of all ages and cultures. The show is designed to be family-friendly and carry an important message about diversity that we much need in the realities of the modern world.

Thirsty Third Thursday Pub Crawl

The type of people who enjoy heavy drinking would find this event to be truly appealing. Basically speaking, it offers an opportunity to get 5 drinks for only 20$ of cash. In the context of Las Vegas, such a price is almost unparalleled as the drinks may get truly expensive throughout the season because of the place’s popularity. Nevertheless, Thirsty Third Thursday Pub Crawl also offers a fun atmosphere of different competitions, such as beer pong and drink until you win among others. This can be truly interesting for those, who express no concern about their physical health, thus suffering from heavy hangovers thereafter.

Donny and Marie Show

Probably the best opportunity of being entertained while visiting Vegas with the family lies in attending Donny and Marie Show. It offers some good humor, dancing, and plenty of songs that could have been found on Television back in the 70’s. Whether you’re a big fan of the country music or not, the event itself is a great option for staying relaxed after the busy and overwhelmed day in Las Vegas. After all, it’s all about enjoying your time, correct?

The Poets’ Corner

The Poets’ Corner is a place, where people ultimately gather to discuss the writings that they have done all by themselves or simply share the emotions of the audience while listening to the pieces of poetry. The event is free of charge and is available to people from all age categories and in itself is a monthly forum, gathering prominent artist from the sphere all over the world. Truly, a great option for the aspiring poets and all those concerned about the culture as well.

UNLV Opera Theater: Don Giovanni

It’s not a secret that Las Vegas is almost the nation’s capital of the country music and the abundance of it can be felt in the air. Nevertheless, there are some great options available to those who care more about the classical music, such as the show of the focus. The performance itself is made in a theatrical way based on the writing of Mozart and offers a chance to experience the authentic music right in the center of the city of “sins”. Not to forget to mention that it’s entirely family-friendly, which mean that you can bring your kids there for the educational purposes.

Daniel Tosh Stand Up Comedy

A good old Stand-up comedy can never hurt. The stand-up comedy of the focus is the exact one of the kind as it provides with a chance to hear some great jokes, as well as enjoy the atmosphere of not being offended by the content itself. Although sometimes there may be some sensitive jokes, it’s still an ok option for the majority of the audience. Besides, Daniel Tosh himself is quite a popular star in both real life and the internet, which may add some meaning to coming for the show.

Whatever option you choose while picking among the best events to go to in Las Vegas, you should surely remember to fully double-check all of the options available to you and specify your preferences. Las Vegas is a really varied city, where almost all types of content could easily be found, both sensitive and not much so, which is truly important for those traveling with the children. After all, no one wants to end up with a bad mood simply because of the wrong jokes that your kid may have overheard from the audience. Enjoy your time with!