Rise Lantern Festival

Do you remember the infamous Chinese tradition of rising lanterns in the air? The city of Las Vegas surely does as it launches the Rise Lantern Festival, an occurrence that is unparalleled in the amount of preparation and fun that it offers. This year, the Rise Festival is going to be hosted on the Moapa River Reservation which is located about thirty miles northeast of Las Vegas that’s going to expand for about the two nights straight.

A lot of people are expected to attend with an estimate of ten thousand at least and thirty thousand at most, which undoubtedly shows the massive scale of an event that’s going to happen in the state of Nevada. The tickets tend to sell out pretty quickly and range from hundred and ten dollars per single person, which is a little bit pricey but is surely justified by the amount of content that Rise Festival offers.

Usually, the event features a lot of food trucks, drinks, live music, and the unison launch when the participants light the lanterns in the air and take a multitude of pictures all at once. Such an atmosphere is unique and is often one in a lifetime, which is why one should seriously think of attending the Rise Lantern Festival. What’s worth noting, although, is the important social message that the festival delivers.

For instance, people travel to such quiet desert to reconcile their losses, the recent divorces, as well as some critical diagnoses that can’t be anyhow treated. You shouldn’t worry though that the festival is all about sadness! On the opposite, a lot of the couples use such an awesome chance for the marriage proposals, which is surely something that deserves admiration factually speaking.

The history of the Rise Lantern Festival is pretty prominent as the show itself was inspired by the ancient Chinese tradition that comes as far back as the tenth century. Although, as always as it happens, the Americans found the way not to plagiarize, but rather innovate the entire procedure with the other things! For instance, when the lanterns rise high to the air, the audience continues to light up only, this time, by using the smartphone flashlights as an alternative. Truly, no one can miss such an amazing chance to see the festival of such an overreaching scale that not only delivers an important social message but is also a lot of fun in its essence!

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