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Things To Do in Las Vegas in March 2018

Without giving it a benefit of the doubt, it’s apparent that the city of Las Vegas is going to “boom” during the month of March. One of the reasons for so can be drawn from the fact that the prevalence of people desire to go outdoors to explore all of the concerts, events, and shows that the “entertainment paradise of America” has to offer. Not to forget to mention that it’s possible to obtain oneself a great deal if carefully researching all steps of the entire process, which the majority of the people lack to be doing. Nevertheless, the following guide should act as a helpful took while delving into all the things to do in Las Vegas in March.

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys, as a bizarre Broadway Performance, has been distinguished with the prestige Tony Award, which is not common at all throughout the city of Las Vegas and the entire nation itself. Clearly, such an obvious success already sets the expectations high, although, obviously, there is a need to comprehend all the unique elements that took part in drawing recognition to the Jersey Boys. First and foremost, it’s worth noting that the storyline is pretty touchy, as lots of the visitors and critics claim, and the musical experience is simply unparalleled. What’s worth noting, secondly, is the fact that the show is well-known for creating a harmony in the sounds of the Four Seasons that combine with the live orchestra, something truly uncommon in the city of Las Vegas during the month of March. Finally, the show is pretty massive in the overall staging efforts that distinguish it from other things to do during March.


Surely, it’s really impossible to gain recognition as a top theatrical performance without having a strong storyline. This is, in turn, the sole reason of why Waitress has become so popular in the recent while. Based on the old musical, Waitress features a big-hearted performance as the main hero (Jenna) receives a unique chance to abandon her old life in the overwhelming small-town. The story of the performance is not new in its entirety, but rather reinforces the idea of the American Dream: anyone in the country can climb to the top if aiming for the stars and working hard for it. Besides, the overall staging efforts and the quality of production, directed by the professionals of the field, deserves special admiration for the incredibly high-quality. Among all the things to do in Las Vegas in March, the option of visiting the Waitress theatrical performance should surely be on the list for all the fans of the industry.

The Color Purple

The Tony-winning award, the Color Purple has been able to arrive as fresh theatrical performances and gain recognition rapidly fast. Partially, such an obvious success could be contributed to the fantastic storyline, implemented into the story. As the young African-American woman lives in the capitalistic 1900’s and faces discrimination, the audience simply can’t hold on to the emotions. Featuring the pure theatrical elements, such as singing, dancing, staging, and lights in the old Broadway Style, The Color Purple surely outstands itself with such a unique production in the city of Las Vegas during March. Not to forget to mention the fact that it’s even possible to obtain quite a considerable discount if reserving the tickets for the show at least two months in advance, which most of the people usually do.

Concluding Thoughts

Before starting to delve into the world of unlimited opportunities in the city of Las Vegas during March, it’s crucial to have a set plan prepared for the entire duration of the staying in the city. This would ultimately allow to fade away all the negativity as well as enjoy the spectacular performances of Broadway! By doing so, it’s possible to always have the parking spots available for you, avoid waiting in the long lines and overpaying the ticket price as well as surely enjoy the spectacular performances from the listing above. Enjoy all the things to do in Las Vegas during March!