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Las Vegas Concerts in July 2018

Without doubts, the city of Las Vegas is pretty prominent regarding high-quality concerts, happening all around the place during July, in particular. To this end, it makes a perfect sense to research all of the details about the frequency of the concerts, the artists that are coming to Las Vegas, and some of the deals that every single visitor may obtain. After doing so, not only is it possible to secure oneself a flawless experience while visiting the “Sin City” but also save a couple of extra bucks while attending the concerts, factually speaking:

  1. Jennifer Lopez
  2. Justin Timberlake
  3. Placebo
  4. Coldplay

Jennifer Lopez

Are you ready to dance for the whole night while listening to some top-notch Latino music? If so, then the option of attending Jennifer’s concert would surely seem appealing. Featuring the vivid celebration of womanhood, the wild dancing, as well as the hot atmosphere in the air, Jennifer’s show would leave everyone bursting in positive emotions. It’s worth noting that the performance of Lopez is the only one among Las Vegas Concerts July that always has a surprise factor: for instance, once, Jennifer brought another famous star, Pitbull, to bring her concert on the brand new level. Without doubts, such an example only intensifies the fact that no one is going to stay disappointed after attending the performance of a famous Latino diva: such a performance is unparalleled in its nurture!

Justin Timberlake

Justin’s popularity has skyrocketed after the Super Bowl performance in 2017: the artist positioned himself as a top star, capable of attracting millions to his concert, something that undoubtedly deserves admiration. Likewise, Justin plans to do the same in the city of Las Vegas this July. Featuring the updated performance full of the new songs, Justin aims to attract a vast array of people of different interests to such a special concert of his. Not to forget to mention the fact that among all the Las Vegas Concerts July 2018, Justin is the only one that offers some significant discount for all those who can’t afford the concert. On the official website, it’s indicated that it’s possible to get a twenty percent discount if reserving the tickets beforehand and mentioning the financial need for so. No one can ignore such an awesome opportunity for sure!


A prominent British alternative-rock band is coming to the “Sin City” to give a performance as part of the worldwide tour. Placebo, without doubts, is a pretty depressing group whose songs would be of the most appeal to those struggling with problems in life. Nevertheless, the atmosphere and soul that the lead singer (Brian Molko) puts into his songs is simply unparalleled across all the Concerts in Las Vegas July 2018. Anyone would enjoy being at the concert as it usually has an important and humane message to convey. Although, it’s vital to realize that Brian is strictly against filming at his concerts as he thinks that it completely ruins the mood of the entire performance. This ideology, in turn, is the reason why one should avoid taking pictures, etc while attending Placebo’s concert.


For all those, fond of the popular music, the choice of visiting Coldplay’s concert is a top choice for sure. Featuring the easy atmosphere of coziness and relaxation in the air, Coldplay’s concert is an ideal option for getting rid of stress after the long work day. Among all the Las Vegas concert in July, only Coldplay can offer a unique combination of alternative popular music and elements of rock as a matter of fact. This, in turn, is the precise reason why no one should ignore the performance of Coldplay, especially during July.

Concluding Thoughts

Before starting to delve into the range of Concerts in Las Vegas July 2018, it’s vital to get a glimpse of one’s preferences to not fool oneself into the performance that would not match your expectations. After all, it’s the only possible way of knowing that you would sincerely enjoy all of the concerts, happening in Las Vegas during July.