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Las Vegas Concerts September 2018

It’s generally believed that going to Las Vegas ultimately indicates that you are about to waste all of your time while visiting a multitude of events. While this may be true for some of the visitors, others prefer to have more traditional ways of having fun, including checking out all of the concerts in Las Vegas in September 2018. Moreover, it’s important to create a list of ones that you want to visit as it’s going to get truly crowded in the city during the month of September as some of the people prefer to vacate during the fall.

Jennifer Lopez

Featuring weekly performances during the first month of fall, everyone should better think about visiting the pop diva’s performances, which is truly an exceptional concert Las Vegas September 2018 has to offer. The famous Latino songs and the atmosphere of continuous dancing would surely be felt in the air as Jennifer will take the stage on the path of presenting some of her new songs. All the while, there are rumors that the concert is going to take a place in the Planet Hollywood, which is a prominent place for the singers of such a massive level. No one can miss such an opportunity to have fun!


For all those looking for the concerts in las vegas in September, going to the Santana’s show is among the top choices. The reasons why are somewhat apparent as Santana is regarded to be virtuous of guitar in the worldwide music industry. Besides, there isn‘t a way of listening to the multiple Grammy-winner on the everyday basis, which is why it makes a perfect sense to buy some of the tickets for oneself. As a side note, it’s safe to bring the children to the concert if traveling with the family as there isn‘t going to be much crowd all around and the overall atmosphere is sort of family-friendly.


As a part of her worldwide tour, Shakira plants to visit the city of sins and drive the audience crazy with her Colombian-style songs that leave everyone dancing and singing with the heartbeat going nuts. Among the concerts in Las Vegas September 2018, this one appeals to the visitors with its uniqueness and nostalgia. Shakira was pretty famous in the early two thousand, which is why even the newly-born generation would surely enjoy some of her widely recognized songs. Not to forget to mention the fact that the pop star is known for interacting with the audience on the regular basis and presenting new albums while performing specifically in Las Vegas. Thus, it’s reasonable to consider buying oneself a ticket closer to the stage. No other Las Vegas concert September 2018 can offer anything similar to what Shakira does!

G-Eazy, J.Cole, and Major Lazer

As the part of the widely known network of las vegas concerts September 2018, the concert of these rappers is about to attract all of the fans of the industry. Featuring some of the favorite beats, as well as heavy flexing on the stage, those folks are known for bringing the innovation to rap. Not to forget to mention the fact that their concert goes on during the week of Life is Beautiful, a festival that is focuses solely on the popular music. Truly, only in Las Vegas, it is possible to see the performances of such an unbelievable scale.

Coldplay and Harry Styles

Probably the best way of relaxing during the month of September is visiting the concerts Las Vegas September with the focus, including the one featuring Coldplay and Harry Styles. Expect seeing lots of the teenagers, as well as hearing the leading artists in the world of alternative music. All the while, don’t forget to reserve your tickets beforehand as they are going to get sold pretty fast. Nevertheless, the performance will be great, and this is surely the reason why you should think of attending it.

Concluding Thoughts

While checking out all of the Las Vegas concerts September 2018, don’t forget to always wear sunglasses and cover all of the parts of your body. The sun is getting crazy during the September and it may get dangerous at times.