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Las Vegas Concerts May

The last month of spring will surely be full of wonders, which means that it’s the best time of the year for having some fun in the form of high-quality entertainment. Thus, it makes a perfect sense to check out all of the Las Vegas concerts May 2018 has to offer. The reasons why are somewhat apparent as the weather gets truly warm and the city doesn‘t have anything else going on, such as the prominent events and nationwide celebrations. Forget about your headphones, you’re about to enjoy some spectacular performances.

Elton John

No one can dispute the fact that Sir Elton John has contributed to the formation of the popular the way we see it nowadays. Featuring the marvelous performance and the skillful use of piano, everyone can be fully confident that the show has lots to provide. The sounds, the songs, and the atmosphere are there to transfer you into the musical nirvana as Sir Elton John delivers his final worldwide tour after which he plans to retire. Besides, it’s worth noting that the artist is well-known for addressing the social topics during his performances as well as paying a tribute to the prominent artists of the industry. Among all the concerts LasVegas May 2018, this one is surely worthwhile.


Prepare yourself for the crazy-minded audience and the incredible dancing atmosphere in the air as “Mr. Worldwide” is going to take a stage in Vegas. Featuring some of the old songs, as well as the new ones, Pitbull is there to impress everyone, regardless of age and taste in music. For all the fans of the pop songs, visiting such a performance would, without doubts, leave only the brightest memories and warm emotions in mind. Besides, Pitbull is known for collaborating with different artists, and there are rumors that Jennifer Lopez may join for the song or two. You shouldn‘t miss this opportunity for sure.

Tenors of Rock

For all those having a need to see some top-notch performances and experience the unparalleled atmosphere of the rock music concert, the option of going to “Tenors of Rock” would be appealing. Featuring the frequent interactions with the audience as well as the high-quality show, Tenors of Rock are taking a stage in Vegas throughout the whole month of May. In fact, it’s not even that crucial to reserve oneself a place beforehand as the crowd isn‘t getting that large during the last month of spring. All the while, a lot of the visitors claim that the appearance of the rock group of the focus makes it truly the most exceptional Las Vegas concert May 2018 has to offer.

RL Grime

If one has a need of listening to the rap music, then going to the RL Grime concert is surely a good option. The artist himself is regarded as one an influential figure among the new school rap artists, which is also something that should be considered. All the while, it’s guaranteed that the atmosphere of the show would be memorable as RL Grime plans to announce the new album according to the numerous rumors on the internet. Besides, who can miss the chance to surprise oneself with the flow unseen anywhere else before?

Lana Del Rey

Although not confirmed yet, there are some reliable rumors that Lana Del Rey is coming to Vegas to give a performance. Truly, such an opportunity to listen to some of the most melancholic songs and fall into the breeze of her voice is on the bucket list for many of the people nationwide. At the same time, one should surely get oneself a ticket or two as soon as they become available. The crowd will be full and it’s not guaranteed that the price wouldn‘t go up as the tickets get sold out. Besides, Lana is known for surprising the audience and one should surely expect that to happen!

Concluding Thoughts:

There are going to be some high-quality Las Vegas concerts May 2018, which is why it’s important to have a general glimpse into the listing of all of them. At the same time, the weather is going to get truly warm and it’s crucial to not stay dehydrated and have the skin parts burnt.