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Las Vegas Concerts October

As the second month of the autumn season starts to show off its character, there isn‘t a better time to check all of the concerts in Las Vegas in October 2018. The reasons why are somewhat obvious as the crowds are not that much crowded during such a time of the year, yet the performances themselves are unparalleled with the quality and content that they provide to each and everyone attending. At the same time, the tickets are easy to get at all of the major locations throughout the city of sin and are not as pricey as they usually are.


For all the fans of depressing rock music, there isn‘t a better option than to attend the Placebo concert that, according to the rumors, is going to take place in October of 2018. At the same time, it’s clear that the rock band has lots to offer to every single visitor of the concert: the touchy sad music, a frequent interaction with the audience, as well as the poetic texts and advanced unique beats. All the while, the group has just released a movie about their trip to Russia, the fragments of which are going to be shown during the concert. Truly, among all of the concerts in Las Vegas October 2018, this one is among those that are not so much traditional to Las Vegas as the mood and theme are a bit different from that of the city.

Robin Schulz

If you’re feeling a need to experience some relaxation, then attending the concert of Robin Schulz should be among the top choices on your to-do list. Every single visitor will hear some of the singer’s most prominent songs, as well as enjoy the atmosphere of the old and nostalgic ones. It’s clear that the overall theme is going to be pretty pleasant and not sensitive at all, which allows you to ultimately bring children to an event. Among all the other concerts Las Vegas October 2018, no other one can offer a somewhat family-friendly atmosphere and less crowded safe space all around.


For all the fans of heavy metal, an option of going out to the concert of such a scale would be a great option to experience some rave while in the city of sins. The group of the focus has a reputation of being really violent and angry during the performances, which is why it may be ideal for all those looking for ways of coping with stress. At the same time, it’s reasonable to not bring any of the dangerous items to the concert as they will get confiscated. And the persons under the age of 21 won’t be eligible to enter the concert under any circumstances. This is the kind of concert Las Vegas October 2018 has to offer that wouldn‘t happen anywhere else, so it makes sense to seriously consider attending it.

Celine Dion

To be honest, Celine Dion has the tours all over the country regularly, which basically indicates that the opportunity to go and see her concert is not unique in its entity. Although, it’s apparent that the tickets reflect such frequent visits to the city. One can enjoy some high-quality popular music without worrying too much about the price. Among the Las Vegas concerts October 2018, the one of Celine Dion is certainly worth visiting because of its financial appeal. Besides, children are welcomed to attend as well.


Finally, some electronic music coming to Las Vegas in the month of October! Featuring some customized DJ’s, as well as the incredibly loud rave party full of compulsive dancing, the V-Tech group is going to bring some fun to the visitors of the concert. Not to forget to mention the fact that it is the only one among concerts in Las Vegas October 2018 that is going to attract a record number of people coming to it because of its strange nature and weird appeal. Moreover, it’s important to always have your identification with you to avoid getting into trouble if being caught with the various substances by the local police. Nevertheless, the concert of V-Tech is an opportunity to have fun in a way that’s not that popular in the city of sins. After all, you don’t get to compulsively dance on the everyday basis!