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Best Shows in Las Vegas December 2018

As the first month of winter kicks off, there comes a need for checking out all of the outdoor opportunities before it gets too cold. To this end, the abundance of people desires to visit the concerts, events and all the best shows in December in Las Vegas 2018. Practically speaking, such a decision would accompany numerous benefits, including the opportunities for obtaining the discount, the ability to reserve the places closer to the main stage as well as the chance to receive the VIP entrance without putting any effort into the process. In turn, only the top-notch shows below can offer such a multitude of reasons to attend the performance

La Reve by Cirque Du Soleil

Wouldn‘t it be ironic to experience the show, full of fire, during December? Without the slightest doubt, La Reve provides the visitors with the exact opportunity for so as well as all the other spectacular things, needed to be mentioned. Featuring the worldly recognized artists, the mind-breaking stunts, and the prevalence of extreme atmosphere in the air, La Reve is largely recognized as the top Cirque Du Soleil in the entire city of Las Vegas. Not to forget to mention the fact that every single visitor can get a twenty percent discount if reserving the tickets online or at least one month in advance to the show. Truly, such a chance can’t be ignored by all those, seeking for the high-quality circus action, which La Reve ultimately is.

Stripper 101

For all those desiring to learn the basics of the pole dancing, the option of attending the educational show, called Stripper 101, should undoubtedly be on the top of the listing. Featuring the prominent dancers in the industry, the careful approach to the teaching, and the complete anonymity during the process, Stripper 101 exists in Las Vegas to spread the erotic connotations without any harm to the visitors. Besides, a single fact that there wouldn‘t be any underage audience would also seem appealing as there is a requirement to be at least twenty-one years old at the entrance. This, in fact, contributes to the notion of clear success of the show as can be claimed on the various reviewing websites, even including Yelp and Tripadvisor as a matter of the fact. In turn, the ratings can’t lie, which is why the show will surely leave the positive emotions after seeing it.

Menopause, the Musical

It’s clear that Las Vegas is mostly the city, full of patriarchy and the dominance of men in various industries. Although, Menopause aims to surely dispute such a belief with a show, featuring the celebration of women and diversity in the everyday life. Every single visitor gets to experience the highly talented performance, fully staged with the former housewives who decided to transform their lives into somewhat theatrical nurture. Among all the best shows in Las Vegas in December 2018, Menopause surely distinguishes itself with the unique nature of the product that it provides. Also, everyone can obtain a discount if coming to the show well-dressed and if indicating the financial need during the online buying process.


The production itself is unparalleled in its staging efforts, which is referred to the location of the show in the erotic-themed theatre. What’s worth noting, though, is that the set of decoration doesn‘t really mean anything as the show doesn‘t have a storyline or plot that needs to be followed. Nevertheless, one can surely sit back and enjoy the spectacular performance of the professional artists who are there to perform the unbelievable stunts, not seen anywhere else in the entire city of Las Vegas. Among the list of performances, Fantasy is surely the best show in December in Las Vegas 2019 for all the apparent reasons listed above. Besides, it’s possible to get a discount if buying the tickets in presence one month before the show starts. This, in fact, contributes to the flawless reputation of the show among the various visitors of the “city of sins” as the organizers like to name it.