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Things to do in Las Vegas in December 2018

It’s apparent that the entertainment paradise of the world, Las Vegas, has lots of offerings, available to every single visitor of the city. Among the most prominent and widely visited ones are the city’s regular concerts, events, and shows that would be of the most interest to the fans of the high-quality amusements. Nevertheless, it’s still important to have set criteria, regarding all of the performances, to not fool oneself into the scam-like shows that are pretty abundant in the city of Las Vegas, particularly during December.

KA by Cirque Du Soleil

Without the slightest doubt, it’s clear that KA by Cirque Du Soleil is the unique performance in the niche where it operates. Such a reputation may be contributed to the number of reasons, including the presence of the authentic storyline that is combined with the circus experience. Besides, lots of the critics like claiming that the show outstands itself with the abundance of vivid and memorable costumes, brilliant acting, and a fantastic plot that would surely leave the audience speechless. Among all the things to do in Las Vegas in December, the option of visiting KA by Cirque Du Soleil would surely be appealing to all the fans of the theatrical-like performances and extreme types of entertainment. Not to forget to mention the fact that anyone can obtain quite a considerable discount if reserving the tickets beforehand through the official website of KA by Cirque Du Soleil during the month of December.


Truly, no one could have ever predicted such a popularity of the show, fully focused on the human bodies and the elements of erotic. In its entity, as it follows, Zumanity performance aims to tell the love story through the prism of the circus while simultaneously introducing the somewhat sensitive content to the adult audience, visiting the performance. The simple fact that the creators have picked such a theme already deserved admiration, especially if considering the somewhat conservative nurture of the area, surrounding the city of Las Vegas. Without doubts, visiting Zumanity is among the most exclusive options during the month of December as the tickets tend to get relatively low in price if compared with the other times of the year.

Stripper 101

For all those desiring to delve into the world of the pole dancing, the option of visiting the Stripper 101 educational lessons would surely seem appealing. Featuring the authentic experience, deriving from the professionals in the field, as well as the right to the full anonymity, Stripper 101 aims to attract a wide audience of people, both the brave folks and those who struggle with disclosing an interest towards such a sensitive hobby. During the month of December, a lot of the people desire to visit Stripper 101 as the main thing to do, which is why one should seriously consider obtaining the tickets beforehand with the purpose of saving oneself a couple of bucks. Although, it’s important to comprehend the notion of the adults visiting the performance, which is why one should be at least twenty-one years old to be able to enter.

Improvisation Comedy Club

If on the opposite, wanting to undergo less dramatic visitation to Las Vegas during the month of December, then the option of attending the Improvisation Comedy Club should be top on the listing of things to do. As the visitors claim on the review websites, the show offers the constant atmosphere of fun in the air that is reinforced with the hilarious humor and improvisation coming from the main artists of the show. All the while, it’s worth noting that every single visitor of the show has an opportunity to tell a joke or two during the performance as the name of the club ultimately indicates. Not to forget to mention that it’s also possible to drink and eat as many options you want to so that the overall experience just feels more pleasant. There is simply no other better comedy option during December, which is why it’s surely worth checking out.