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Things to do in Las Vegas in July 2018

As the second month of summer appears in the city of Las Vegas, the abundance of people desires to spend more time outdoors, including seeing the prominent theatrical productions, shows, concerts, and events that can be found all around the place, especially in July. Such a popularity, though, shouldn‘t be distracting while on the lookout for the top-notch performances but rather motivate oneself to form a clear criterion. It may be helpful to focus on paying attention to the reputation, prevalence of positive reviews, as well as ultimately realizing one’s preferences to avoid the low-quality scam performances. In turn, it’s the only possible way to enjoy the different things to do in Las Vegas in July.

Dear Evan Hansen

The show of the focus features an incredibly rare story of a misunderstood youth, trying to find himself as he studies in the context of the stressful high school community. Evan, the main hero of the story, is a kid full of anxiety and internal problems that struggles to get recognition from both his parents and the peers. Truly, Dear Evan Hansen seems to be an ideal Broadway option for all those attending with the family as there are lots of lessons to be learned for both parents and children. The simple fact that the show has won six prestigious Tony Awards already sets the expectation high, but the notion of permanent ticket sold out only breaks the threshold. Therefore, it’s important to reserve all of the tickets beforehand to not miss such an awesome thing to do in Las Vegas in July.

Hello, Dolly!

The play itself is based upon the Thornton Wilder’s novel called “The Matchmaker” and is, in its essence, is an adaption of the prominent writing piece. As the storyline follows, the affluent New Yorker who happened to be widowed continues his way to securing the ideal family life and faces lots of struggles while in such an endeavor. Hello, Dolly is more of a traditional-shaped Broadway as the audience used to see it, including the abundance of dancing, singing, and the incredible staging efforts, not seen anywhere else during July in the city of Las Vegas as a matter of the fact. Although, as popular as the show gets, the tickets get sold pretty easily, which is why one shouldn‘t hesitate and reserve them at least one month in advance. Among all the things to do, Hello Dolly is surely an unparalleled option, especially during July.

Fiddler on the Roof

Before starting to wonder about the show’s bizarre name, it’s vital to delve into the touchy and adventurous storyline that it ultimately offers. As the story follows, the main hero survives in the setting of the 20th century Russia on the brink of the massive revolutions and aims to transform the lives of himself and his family simultaneously. Among all the things to do in Las Vegas in July, Fiddler on the Roof distinguishes itself with the brilliant acting and dancing as well as the unusual plot of that matter. Not to forget to mention the fact that it has secured six Tony Awards, which isn’t that common for any kind of Broadway performance in the entire country! Truly, such a notion already sets the expectation high, particularly for all those who are fond of the authentic theatre experience. There are no better things to do in July that can be compared to the performance of such a scale.

KA by Cirque Du Soleil

Truly, all those who desire to undergo the extreme forms of fun should undoubtedly think of visiting KA by Cirque Du Soleil for all the awesome reasons that such a choice accompanies. It is simply worth noting that the show is all about the authentic things: it offers a unique circus experience, but also combines it with the theatrical plot, which is quite an innovation for the city of Las Vegas.

Concluding Thoughts

Before starting to delve into all the top-notch things to do in Las Vegas in July, it’s vital to have a crystal clear plan of what is going to be done during the day. As the shows are incredibly popular, it’s imperative to reserve all of the tickets beforehand without even hoping for a small discount.