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Things to do in Las Vegas in October 2018

It seems like the different things to do has taken an important part in the hears of the Las Vegas residents. Without a hesitation, the option of seeing the high-quality performance in terms of dancing, singing, and stagings seems truly appealing to all the fans of entertainment, which is why the shows are getting increasingly popular. All the while, it’s important to remember that such a popularity also has some obvious drawbacks, including the rising abundance of low-quality scams that are needed to be avoided. To do so, it’s vital to do some research on the things to do in Las Vegas in October that earned such a reputation with the help of the people’s reviews and critical acclaiming. Considering such a criterion, the following listing has been created to help the inexperienced visitors on such a journey in October.

Come from Away

Truly, the storyline of the Come from Away, performing during October, is touchy as it incorporates the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 into its plot. As the terrorist attacks took place, all of the flights across the United States were canceled, with some forced to be landing at the in Gander, a remote town with the population of just nine thousand. The story focuses on the single group of people who undergo such an endeavor as the residents of the town temporarily welcome them home. Truly, by creating the human-focused storyline based on the real-life events, the Come From Away creators desires to deliver an important message to the wide audience of people attending the show. This, in turn, is the exact reason why it’s got critically acclaimed throughout the country and received the prestigious Tony Award with the help of the visitor’s votes. Without a doubt, no one can miss such a powerful story if desiring to see the high-quality things to do during October. Such a chance is one in a lifetime and shouldn’t be missed for sure.  

KA by Cirque Du Soleil

KA by Cirque Du Soleil is the only show in the entire city of Las Vegas, if not the whole world, that offers the authentic circus experience, combined with the unique story-telling. As the heroic journey of the brilliant actors contributes to the fantastic plot, the audience can’t hold on to the emotions of joy felt from the performance. Among the current things to do in Las Vegas, KA surely distinguishes itself with the theatrical nature of the performance itself. This, in turn, seems to be truly appealing to every single visitors as the abundance of reviews surely indicates. Besides, it is the only show of the focus that offers a considerable discount if reserving the tickets at least one month in advance through the official website during October.


For all the fans of the popular music, especially those of the Beatles, the option of attending the Love Cirque Du Soleil would surely seem appealing. Featuring the prominent music, coming way back from the sixties, Love aims to show the staged performance with all the relevant costumes and the atmosphere of nostalgia flying all around the place. Among the things do during October, Love would be of the most fun to the older audience of people who can easily recognize all of the songs during the performance. Nevertheless, all those who feel pleased by hearing the Beatles music should surely come and see the live performance and furthermore enjoy it, particularly during October


The production itself is unparalleled in its staging efforts, which is referred to the location of the show in the Gothic-themed theatre. What’s worth noting, though, is that the set of decoration doesn‘t really mean anything as the show doesn‘t have a storyline or plot that needs to be followed. Nevertheless, one can surely sit back and enjoy the spectacular performance of the professional artists who are there to perform the unbelievable stunts, not seen anywhere else in the entire city of Las Vegas. Among the things to do in LasVegas, this one distinguishes itself with the relatively low prices and the various opportunities for obtaining the discount beforehand the show during October.