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Best Shows in Las Vegas August 2018

All those desiring to experience an unforgettable vacation should undoubtedly think of visiting some of the most prominent shows that the city of Las Vegas has to offer. The reasons for so are somewhat apparent as every single show from the following listing offers a high-quality performance of some of the world’s most accomplished artists, dancers, and singers. To this end, it makes a perfect sense to carefully research all of the available options and secure oneself a flawless experience while visiting the self-proclaimed “city of sins”.

Mesmerized – Hypnosis

Have you ever wondered if the hypnosis is actually real? Does it seem fake to you, anyway? If so, the option of attending the Mesmerized show would surely be appealing. Featuring the professional magician handling the audience, Mesmerized plans to fade away the popular belief described above. The simple fact that every single visitor would receive the chance to get “hypnotized” herself or himself deserved a wide admiration of the critics without a doubt. In turn, Mesmerized has confidently entered itself into the status of the Best LasVegas Show in August 2018. No one can surely miss such an awesome opportunity to experience the real-life magic on oneself!

V-Ultimate Variety

Featuring the live performance with a wide variety of acts including comedians, acrobats, and skaters, V-Ultimate Variety wants to set the expectation high for every single visitor. The show seems to posit itself as the only entertainment option that offers all at once, both the theatrical elements of the traditional “circus” as well as the craziness that can only be found in the city of Las Vegas. Besides, it’s worth noting that the performance is divided into the fourteen acts, each having a different lead, which contributes to the great amount of “Variety” felt in the air. Clearly, even the name of the show suggests the type of content that it provides that a lot of people seem to outlook while researching the Best Las Vegas Shows in August 2018.


As the name of the show suggests, it’s probably not the best idea to bring children to the performance. Truly, by displaying the theme of sex as a main premise of the entire show, Erotica aims to fade away the belief that it’s impossible to implement a touchy storyline if having such an overall theme. Not to forget to mention the fact that every single visitor has an ability obtain a considerable discount of over twenty percent if reserving all of the tickets beforehand, which may seem appealing to those struggling with the finances. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Erotica deserved the status of the Best Show in Las Vegas August 2018 among its visitors.


For all the fans of the popular music, especially those of the Beatles, the option of attending the Love Cirque Du Soleil would surely seem appealing. Featuring the prominent music, coming way back from the sixties, Love aims to show the staged performance with all the relevant costumes and the atmosphere of nostalgia flying all around the place. Among all the various shows in Las Vegas, Love would be of the most fun to the older audience of people who can easily recognize all of the songs during the performance. Nevertheless, all those who feel pleased by hearing the Beatles music should surely come and see the live performance and furthermore enjoy it.

Concluding Thoughts and a Piece of Advice

Before starting to delve into such a broad range of shows available during the month of August, it’s important to have at least a general glimpse of what you would be doing. Do you plan to stay in the hotel the entire time or drive to the city each day? What about the parking? Do you plan to bring food, drinks, and identification to the performances? Truly, it’s imperative to answer all of the questions above to secure the flawless experience in the city of Las Vegas. If so, it’s possible to not only enjoy the spectacular shows but also stop worrying about all the unexpected things that may sometimes occur during the trip.