ACE Car Rent Las Vegas
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ACE Car Rent Las Vegas

    This business has been on the market for more than 50 years, and its 400 locations have much to say about ACE car rental Las Vegas even outside the US. However, ACE Rent a Car Las Vegas reviews have caused some controversy lately.

    Although Las Vegas is known for its expensive and luxurious holidays, this supplier is famous for its low prices. Those who travel to see the Red Rock often rent a car here, and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t like it.

    Ratings According to ACE Car Rental Reviews Las Vegas

    Before choosing ACE car rentals in Las Vegas, you may find online both positive and negative feedback. The service offers various options for different budgets: there are people coming here to rent a limo and spend year’s salary of a middle-class American in one week.

    Other tourists plan their trips as an unforgettable experience but are also interested in some savings. Hence, they can have a regular life when they come back home.

    Many ACE car rental Las Vegas reviews suggest avoiding this service. Yet, those who prefer cheaper options also put up online their experience saying that everything went well.
    But do not forget that if everything goes well, we simply forget about it. People tend to leave comments if everything goes very wrong or if they are super excited.

    ACE Rental Car Las Vegas Pros

    • Cheap Service. Here daily rent costs less than most competitors in the area. Quality of the car is not worse.
    • Special offers. The supplier occasionally has discounts, meaning you can enjoy one really low price taking into account how expensive this vacation is.
    • Location outside car rentals. This can be beneficial, as it stands alone and generally quieter place or simply closer to your hotel.

    Renting a vehicle makes up a big part of a trip to the Strip. Spending one week on the infamous 4-miles is a perfect get-away. Yet, driving some 10 miles away from ongoing parties can be very refreshing.

    Only some half-an-hour drive are the beautiful Red Rock National Canyon, Blue Diamond, and Mountain Springs. These sites are worth seeing at least once in one’s lifetime.

    ACE Car Rental in Las Vegas Cons

    • No license plates. As many reviewers claim. That is not exactly the case as it would be illegal. Obviously, a service that is on the market since 1966 would not run an illegal business. Some are bothered by the supplier offers vehicles with temporary registration indicated on the window shield. It is legal in Nevada, but you can ask for an explanation at the desk if they offer you such a ride.
    • Misleading advertising. ACE Las Vegas car rental location is not very favorable. You will have to take another 7-minute ride on a shuttle after the first trip to the general vehicle rental place.
    • Questionable services. ACE Rent a Car reviews Las Vegas lately highlight one single person being particularly rude. There are low rates on Google, and some travelers suggest against it on TripAdvisor.
    • Annoying upgrades. Customers report being constantly offered or reminded to upgrade their ride or other services for additional payment.

    ACE is considered to be a cheap service, but you basically save only up to $5 a day. If this amount means nothing to you, you might as well save the risk and use rental services with a better reputation.

    It seems like this service sparks a lot of negativity and many online travelers think that it’s better to avoid it. On the other hand, renting a vehicle means that the driver can’t drink, and you will be often stuck in a traffic jam.

    Las Vegas is an all-year-round holiday spot. People are coming here all the time, and they go to the same places. It’s how it takes an hour to drive 4 miles. There are problems with the parking lot.

    If you’re the only destination is the Stretch then you won’t need to rent a vehicle paying $20+ a day if you only need 2 rides while staying. Generally, Uber costs $7 to 9. Prices go up at night, and they expect you to give tips.

    Yet, it saves time on picking up and dropping off the vehicle. You can enjoy any bar at night and walk on foot will probably take less time.

    Why use ACE Rent a Car Vegas?

    This supplier has been on the market for a while now, meaning it has years of reputation. ACE rental car Las Vegas reviews are generally quite high with 8.5 out of 10 among a variety of platforms.

    If you live outside the Strip in the southern direction, ACE can be your closest car rental. You use shuttles or Uber to get to your hotel, unpack and pick up a car whenever it is convenient.

    How to book ACE car?

    Prices for ACE Car Rental Las Vegas airport start at $21.47 a day for an economy vehicle to fit 4 passengers and $20.35 for a compact model.

    Booking is available online with many providers. Due to ACE Rent a Car Las Vegas airport reviews, it’s harder to receive full service online. At the same time, the supplier stays quite busy throughout the day. The average estimated time you will have to spend at the counter is 20 minutes.

    Where to Find ACE Rent a Car Las Vegas Airport

    Upon arrival, walk out from a baggage claim where the bus shuttle is. It will take you 7 minutes to get to car rentals. If you still want to cut down on expenses, proceed to an ACE shuttle that will take you to their rental office.

    The supplier stands a bit outside from the Stretch. It is located near more quiet places where families prefer to reside.

    Many complain about the misleading information that this rental is not anywhere near the airport. The truth for as Vegas is that none of the most famous providers are at the airport. It is 3-miles ride from the airport to rentals.

    So, basically, it is misleading for any vehicle rental ads in Las Vegas. But it is fair to say that services in the city have seen plenty of customers and they know how to satisfy peculiar requirements.

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