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Advantage Car Rental Las Vegas

    When you’re going on any trip, be it with your family or friends, you surely want to get the best, and the most convenient way of going around the city – a personal vehicle. That’s when you turn to the vehicle rental services, which can provide you with a great car for your adventure.
    You may have heard or read about Las Vegas Advantage car rental, and you want to try it out. If you hadn’t done this yet, then study Advantage car rental reviews Las Vegas, so it will not let your hopes down and won’t turn your trip into something terrible. While this service has a lot of bad reviews, there are also good ones, which will be provided here for your judge.

    Why should you use Advantage?

    Advantage rent a car Vegas is well-known for their prices, and a lot of customers must agree with this point – their rates are undoubtedly low compared to other rental companies, which makes people intrigued by that. However, time spent in the line and near the counter can be stretched out for so long that it becomes an issue for new Las Vegas visitors. This service is recommended if you don’t mind waiting and have a bunch of spare time.
    Secondly, when you use Advantage rent a car in Las Vegas, you get a good vehicle most of the time. Not a lot of people get surprised that for the given price their vehicle looks clean and smells nice, both inside and outside, so you should look out for that when you get and inspect your rented car.

    Ratings and reviews for Advantage

    As it was already mentioned, the reviews for Advantage rent a car Las Vegas differ, most of them being negative. While it gets a lot of people anxious, you shouldn’t fall for the good ones right away and dig deeper.
    The most popular issue of reviews for Advantage car Rental Vegas is that the company scams its customers a lot, not caring about their situation and well-being, but only asking for extra money without any purpose. Almost all the customers face the same issue after getting their car back to the company and coming back home. First of all, you can be charged extra, for example, for fuel and insurance, which you didn’t need at all.
    Another one also says that after the customer reaches their counter, they announce that they don’t have any cars left. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, especially if you book the car in advance. Bad ratings for Advantage rent a car Las Vegas, NV are common, though.

    Advantage Customer Service

    Customer service of this company is a weak spot compared to other well-known rental companies. Sometimes it can be so severe that everyone who has tried this service can’t even call Advantage rent a car Vegas a normal company.
    A lot of customers complain that they don’t seem to notice how bad this company is, because the manager at the counter talks to them pretty smoothly and smiles brightly, which made them believe in what he is saying. But, as they go further and further into the discussion, they found out that he already ticked some services that they didn’t choose. When they finally come home, they realize that they have a huge bill from their trip left, with a double amount of money to pay.
    When they get in touch with the company regarding the billing, the company representative casually talks about a list of all the services you agreed to, which are entirely not true. All the bad Advantage rent a car reviews Las Vegas state that they don’t help with any problems you face after dealing with their company. Sounds terrifying, right?

    How to book at Advantage car rental?

    If you want to book Advantage Rental car Las Vegas, it’s effortless. You can use booking services or do it right on their website, which is more recommended, so you won’t face the issue other customers met while not getting any notice about their booking being inexistent and talked about in Advantage rental car reviews Las Vegas. Here is a small instruction on how to do this:
    1. Go to the website and find a Find a car worldwide option on the top.
    2. Fill in the place where you want to get your car, where you want to return it and the time of the rental.
    3. Choose a vehicle that’s suitable for you.
    4. Pick extra options you want to be included.
    5. Create a reservation and pay for it when you want to.

    Where to find Advantage car rental?

    After boarding the airport shuttle outside the baggage claim, you’ll easily find a Car Rental Services, and Advantage rent a car Las Vegas, NV counter is there too. If you’re fortunate, there won’t be a big line, and you’ll quickly proceed with getting your car, but as 65% of reviews said their line was long, and they waited over an hour to get the car itself.
    When you proceed with Advantage car rental return Las Vegas airport, you may face a terrible experience. One of the customers finds minor to big damages in their cars while they are on their way to an important event or place. Some of the workers that take your car back in Advantage car rental in Las Vegas can bill you for damaging the car, so it’s better to examine your vehicle before starting your journey.


    • the rental is cheaper than usual;
    • you can get a good car for a minor price if you book and pay via their website;
    • the reservation guarantees a car for you when you book it in advance.


    • the price can eventually double up;
    • customer service can be extremely rude and not helpful at all;
    • you should check the car for possible damages so you won’t be billed for them;
    • the line near the counter can be long and the waiting time can be tiring.
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