Thrifty Car Rental Service
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Thrifty Car Rental Service

    Visiting Las Vegas may become the life experience that you will never forget, but doing it without a car will be a huge mistake as riding around this glittering city can bring you happiness and joy. Of course, there is no need to go there by your own car, as the flight is more convenient and cheaper. Why should you bother yourself with unnecessary baggage if you always can rent a car? Of course, for this purposes, you can always rent one and there many services available for you in the city. We decided to give you a glimpse of one of the most popular rental service called – Thrifty car rental Vegas. This company is said to be to one of the best on the market, and we would like to give you some more information about it and how you can use it in Vegas.

    Why use Thrifty?

    This service has more than 500 pick-up and drop-off places all over the USA and Canada. This is one of the cheapest rentals in the whole industry that may give you some additional perks to the main services like online reservation that calls only for your name and a car of your choice. It is very convenient and popular with drivers.

    Ratings for Thrifty

    Thrifty Las Vegas Car rental has good reviews. There overall rating marks 7.8 on average. This includes very good Thrifty car rental Las Vegas airport reviews of the cleanliness of the cars and time you spend to pick-up and drop-off the cars. The attitude of the counter staff is also rated as very good. This shows that for such a cheap price you can get really decent services and pretty normal customer experience. As for the bottom line customer service of this company has pretty good reviews.

    • The main advantage of using Thrifty Vegas car rental is low prices. For example, for the new Hyundai Accent, you will pay 23$ per day. It’s a great deal as the new car is always better than the old clumsy piece of metal
    • Also, Thrifty Vegas car rental has no smoking policy which is way better than at the competitors` side.
    • There is no need to stand in the line waiting for your car to be cleaned up. The staff is always pleasant and can help you choose the best option you like from the wide variety of national and international brands.
    • You can go with family sized cars and with any other premium options.
    • The pick-up and drop-off processes are very quick. The staff does not bother you with unnecessary questions and papers.
    • What is more, there is a discount AAA program available that may save you up to 10% on each rent or even 15% if you sign up for the e-mails from the company.


    • The website for Thrifty car rental Las Vegas NV is rather old and it may take some time to understand how to use it.
    • There is a complicated system of reservation there on the website, but there is a low chance that it will be canceled once you did your order. This is not something the company practices.
    • Also, there are often complains about additional fees that the company may impose on your for the insurance or other things like “additional products” and “loss damage waiver’. Be careful with that, as you might overpay accidentally for the things you did not expect to pay for.
    • Another thing that is negative about Thrifty car rental Las Vegas airport is that it is located 20 minutes away from McCarran
    • Airport and you will have to take a bus to get to it. Even though it is out of the airport premises – it is not a long ride for the car you need, so it is something you can easily go with.

    How to rent a car at Thrifty?

    The process is simple and does not require any special procedures. The only thing you need is your driver`s license and a credit card. You can also book a car through the website and save some time before you go to Las Vegas and have to stand in the line waiting for the car to come. Be aware that the company accepts credit and debit cards payments only and the cash is not the option here.

    • Also, be aware of the fact that people under the age of 20 cannot rent the car – the company won`t let you rent it until you are that age.
    • Before you go to Thrifty car rental in Las Vegas – check your reservation several times, as there is a possibility that it might be taken away. Even though it is most unlikely to happen, you need to be aware of this fact. It is noted on the website that you can do reservations 72 hours before the trip and that you can change the option on the Thrifty website if you happen to find cheaper one on any other resources.

    Where to find Thrifty car rental?

    As it was stated before – Thrifty rental car Las Vegas airport is located on 7135 Gilespie Street, which is in 20 minutes’ drive from the airport. There are no special buses to pick you up, however, the office works 24/7 and is available for you at any time. There is a helpline for those, who have questions and it is opened all day long as well.

    Thrifty car rental Vegas is not a posh and exquisite service, but it does help to save some money while you are on your journey. Of course, it is somehow not convenient to get there by bus from Las Vegas Airport, but the cars are clean and there are no long lines where you have to stand for a long time. The car of your choice will be cleaned up and there are no complaints that if the reservation was canceled then the staff could not find something in exchange. Enjoy your time in Las Vegas and if you decide to go with Thrifty Las Vegas car rental – then you know what to expect.

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