Alamo Car Rental Las Vegas
Rating: 9.1 / 10
Price per Day: from $45.15
Car Rental since 1974
Mileage: Unlimited
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Alamo Car Rental Las Vegas

    Alamo is one of the many popular options to get around in Nevada. Alamo car rental in Las Vegas airport is accessible almost on the spot, so, right after the flight, you can hire a ride of your own. Many tourists have trouble finding Uber parking lot, besides after a long flight, you will have to walk to the location of your pick-up, which can transform into a nightmare.

    Alamo car rental in Las Vegas allows freedom to travel outside the famous 4-miles, where there are beautiful oases like golf clubs and national parks. These places are going to make your get-away even more unforgettable.

    If casinos on the Stretch is on your list, try traveling by car in the day time as you visit Alamo in the airport. Enjoy casinos at night, as most people prefer staying in the hotels on the Stretch. You can visit casinos and bars nearby leaving a car on the parking lot.

Let’s be honest, at night adults cannot resist exquisite cocktail. Obviously, drink and drive don’t mix well. It’s better to leave a car for many reasons and simply walk to the nearest places.

    Next day, as you clear your head, you are free to travel Sloan or Red Rock Canyon. Chill in the recreation area of Lake Mead. In 4 days, you can return your ride and enjoy the taxi on the strip.

    Why use Alamo?

    Alamo established vehicle rental business back in 1974 and currently operates in many tourist destinations globally. The company enjoys positive feedback from customers, who are satisfied with services all over the world.

Alamo car rentals Las Vegas representatives work to develop useful service. It includes suitable cars to travel through canyons and successfully drive through miles of a traffic jam.

    Ratings for Las Vegas airport car rental Alamo

    Many websites rank Alamo car rental Las Vegas Nevada as a No.1 option. It’s not just professional service review by peers, but mostly by clients. Alamo car rentals Las Vegas are not the cheapest, but they offer less than the average price for a vehicle.
    There are facilities to make it easier for many arriving tourists to pick a ride and leave it afterward. All the procedures take up to 20 minutes depending on how busy the desk is. Generally, pick up is fast and return is even faster.
    This service is famous for no extra charges and easy-flow procedure including timely help with upgrading. Passengers also claim that the vehicles are clean.

    • Fast service. It usually takes around 20 minutes in Alamo car rental Las Vegas McCarran airport. The desk is open 24/7.
    • No cancellation fees. Many travelers use this feature to hire a ride in advance and then cancel and hire a different one as the price is down. So, they will definitely have wheels and pay less for a newer model.
    • Alamo car rental Las Vegas locations. The company has desks and some kiosk, and you can skip a desk of Alamo Las Vegas car rental if you print out all the documents in advance. It is also easy and fast procedure when you bring back your ride.
    • Local traveling options. Using Alamo car hire Las Vegas allows not only to enjoy casinos on the Strip but also pay a visit to
    • National sightseeing. The views there are nothing short of spectacular.

    Alamo rent a car Las Vegas NV goes with a specialty that is Skip the Counter. It means that you don’t even have to find a kiosk, simply check-in online and show you printed agreement and driver’s license.

    They allow picking among the offered range of vehicles to see if it is comfortable enough to travel long distances. In case you want to upgrade the model on the spot, you will probably have to do it at the counter.


    • You have to be 21 years old to rent and drive most cars. You will have to leave a number of your Credit card and show your ID.
    • On the spot, rent may incur a higher price than you could get online and the absence of the car you wanted. Take care to make online arrangements in advance.
    • There are occasional reviews saying that the service has failed to provide a car or meet the requirements of customers.
    • Generally, Alamo car rental reviews Las Vegas are quite positive.
    • Restrictions on Skip the Counter option. Check availability before going to Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife. It would be a pity to miss out on a drink because you have to drive. A driver has to be responsible despite all the partying going on around.
Traffic jam is crazy. This one is applicable to any driver here. It may even take hours.

    Alamo rent a car Las Vegas airport — How to book?

    There are 2 options for Alamo car rental Las Vegas NV: online or on the spot.
    Booking through any vehicle rental service online has some benefits. You just need to:

    • Check if dates are correct.
    • Look for a service that allows free cancellations.
    • You have a chance to manipulate price and models.
    • With preliminary booking make sure you have your reservation on you before leaving home.
    • Use a self-pickup kiosk if you do not want to wait in line.
    • The whole procedure can be done online if you choose to Skip the Counter. Follow the steps carefully, and if you prepay your gas than the dropping goes faster.

Where to find Alamo Las Vegas airport car rental?

    Their service desks are actually 2,9 miles away from the arrivals. This is also Alamo car rental return Las Vegas. Tourist either take shuttle or Uber to get there. As you pick up baggage, proceed to a shuttle area and board a bus.
    As you arrive at the place and enter the building look a bit to your left – there are large yellow letters indicating an office.
    Traveling with family, a driver can go and get a car on their own. Meanwhile family or travel mates enjoy McCarren airport as it is quite entertaining. So, despite its location outside the airport, many tourists acclaim Alamo’s services as their best rental option.

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