Fox Сar Rental Las Vegas
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Fox Сar Rental Las Vegas

    What if you have decided to visit Las Vegas and you would urgently need a car? There are plenty of services available, but nobody wants to spend all day long searching for the best one. There is an option to Google “Fox rent a car Las Vegas” and choose this service to get a vehicle that may turn your holiday into a pleasant and convenient trip. We decided to sum up the Fox rent a car Las Vegas reviews to make your choice easier and to help you see all the benefits and problems of this provider, so to avoid any surprises.

    Why use Fox?

    First and foremost is the price. Fox rent a car Las Vegas Airport can provide you with a rather cheap option of the vehicle for the price of 19$ per day on average. This is way cheaper than at the competitors` side. The rental offices are situated almost in every state and you can easily pick up the car in one location and drop it in another. You can make reservations online and use coupons for the discount on the specified date.
    Fox rent a car Las Vegas NV claims to offer a wide variety of cars from family sized to sports cars, so there are no alleged problems with the choice there. The offices are opened 24/7 and they have an available hotline for any queries you have.

    Ratings for Fox

    It is hard to find precise ratings for Fox car rental Vegas, but the overall impression of the customers from various blogs shows that the rating of the company is 7 out of 10. This includes easy taking cars, dropping them and also checking the state of the vehicle.

    • Fox car rental Las Vegas is very cheap. This is why it has so many customers banging on their doors. What is more, the system allows you to register on their website and get a certificate in exchange for points. This certificate can go up to 125$ which is quite convenient if you travel a lot. Taking into consideration that Las Vegas may be not your last point of destination – collecting these points may turn into a great profit.
    • There are no problems with the choice. In Fox rent a car Vegas there are no complaints about the cleanliness and number of cars that you can choose. It can be a family sized Subaru or simple Chevy. There is no difference in that. You will always be given a wide range of options to choose from.
    • In addition to that, the company has a program for reserving parking lots in several locations that might be useful for you when you are in the city.

    If you pay less, then be ready to stand in the line. There may be long lines and this may take some time for you to take away your car. Also, because of that, there may appear a problem with customer service that may seem to be slowly, but this is what happens when the line is huge. Do not be bothered by the fast speech of the counter person if you meet one and ask them to give you time to read through the papers that you sign.

    • The other pitfall is that the office in Las Vegas is situated out of the airport. To be more precise it is situated in the downtown Vegas – 8801 South Las Vegas Blvd. To get there, you need to take a bus from Las Vegas Airport. Just try to search for one after you landed. It is not that difficult.
    • Be aware that your reserve is at the total discretion of the company. There is no guarantee that it will not be canceled before your arrival and you won’t be offered other options to go with.
    • Also, make it clear that you do not want to pay any hidden fees and better call before you make an order to know the exact amount of money you need to pay.

    How to book at Fox rental

    The booking process is rather easy. You need to visit the rental office or go to the website of Fox rent a car. There is also an option to download the app which offers easy steps to make an order. With the online reservation, you can save more and do not waste time for the unnecessary steps. What is more, the service has a special program that includes various cars from different classes, colors, etc. This will make your decision easier.
    If you are already in the office, then you need to have a credit card and a license. If you have your insurance with you tell them that you have one, as you will be offered to buy one. Also, some of the services like parking lots that you may use form the company may be posted without counted city taxes; this is why the real price of the service may mislead you.

    Where to find Fox car rental in the airport

    As it was mentioned before, unfortunately, there is no office in the premises of the Las Vegas airport, but you can search for the bus that may take you downtown directly to the building.


    Before visiting Vegas visit Fox rent a car website and use their coupons for the SUVs or hybrid Sedans that will save you up to 5% of the whole sum.
    All in all, this service is quite popular among those who do not want to waste extra in Las Vegas for the car rental. If you are a little patient and can spend some time waiting in the line or traveling from the airport to downtown – then this is a fine option for you. Register for the certificate program and get points for the usage of the vehicles and get a discount in the end. It might be helpful in your next trips around the country. Try to use as many possible options for the discount as you can, so you can spend extra in splendid Vegas casinos.

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