Enterprise Car Rental in Las Vegas
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Enterprise Car Rental in Las Vegas

    Enterprise is the biggest car rental company in the United States that has been working from the 1950s and has successfully grown to a trustworthy provider. It is also ranked as one of the largest private companies in the USA with more than 9 thousand home locations and more than 400 airport centers. It also has offices in Europe and provides credible services to people who are in need of a vehicle.

    That’s why it is a quite popular option among those who travel a lot and prefer to drive around in a car and not to use a taxi. Enterprise has its office in Las Vegas airport and provides excellent services for an affordable price. Let’s dive into details of what to expect.

    Enterprise Car Rental Las Vegas: Location and General Information

    Las Vegas is a big city, and there are lots of exciting places to visit around it, so it is only natural to choose a rental vehicle for a comfortable experience. The city center has lots of free parking spots as the major hotels and casinos provide them. When you have a car, it is convenient to plan a trip and not to depend on taxi services. There is not much of a public transport in the city, that’s why many visitors prefer their own vehicles.

    Enterprise rent a car Las Vegas is known for amazing service and reasonable pricing. The selection of vehicles is really wide, and if you have special preferences, it is better to book one beforehand. This company is known for an easy drop off policy and has a great customer rating on various platforms. That’s why it is a great choice to get an automobile.

    The office of Enterprise car rental in Las Vegas is located directly near McCarran International airport in a Rent-A-Car center. The exact address of this facility is 7135 Gilespie Street; it is about 3 miles on south from Terminals. How to get there? It is simple, each of two passenger Terminals has a shuttle bus that takes all the passengers to Enterprise rent-a-car Las Vegas, NV. Those buses shuttle very often, so it may be convenient to get a vehicle as soon as you have arrived in the city.

    The amazing news is that the office is open for business 24/7, so it doesn’t matter when your flight lends – there is always a vehicle waiting for you. It is also extremely convenient to return a vehicle afterward as you need only to drive to the same center and park a car in a lot signed with Enterprise logo.

    Customers Rating of Enterprise Car Sales Las Vegas

    Enterprise rental car Vegas has a great variety of vehicles and provides amazing service. Here are some ratings from different sources to prove customers’ level of satisfaction.

    • Its rating on Rentalcars.com is 8,1 with more than 50 thousand reviews. It is known for efficient service and friendly employees. A lot of reviews underline the fact that the staff is very helpful and polite;
    • It has 4 stars on Yelp with more than 300 reviews. Clients state that there are no queues and the service is pretty fast;
    • In 2007 it was listed in Business Week’s Top 25 companies with superb customer support;

    Generally, Las Vegas Enterprise car rental is a well-known and credible company that has a high level of clients’ satisfaction. However, there is a downside – their 25+ policy that means that drivers under the age of 25 do not have an opportunity to rent luxury vehicles.

    General Policies and Booking Process of Enterprise Car Rental Vegas

    Before you cooperate with any company, it is better to know what their policies are. Here are some key points of Enterprise car rental Las Vegas, NV offer.

    • There is an option for an additional driver. However, if it is not a spouse or domestic partner, they are required to have the same qualifications as the main driver and to appear at the rental office as well. The charge for an additional driver is $10 per day (if it is not your spouse or domestic partner).
    • A vehicle can be easily returned after hours; one just needs to follow signs on a parking lot. There is a box to drop the key (just right next to return kiosk), everything is simple.
    • Drivers’ license: for U.S. or Canada citizens it is obligatory to have a valid driver license with a photograph. Needless to say, it should be valid throughout the period when one is renting a vehicle. Digital licenses are not accepted in Enterprise rent a car Vegas.
    • Enterprise Las Vegas car rental allows following forms of payment for services: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, Debit Card, Traveler’s Check, Money Order, Cash.

    If you are going to book a vehicle at Enterprise car rental North Las Vegas, here are the requirements to the renters:

    • One needs to be 21 years old;
    • Valid driver license and major credit card on your name;
    • For travelers not residents of the USA or Canada the international driver permit might be needed +local license;
    • International travelers should also have a valid passport with the name matching the license;
    • Drivers of ages 21-24 will be charged additionally. There is also the restriction to several types of car, namely the luxury ones.
    • One needs insurance, for U.S. and Canada citizens it might be covered by credit card. You can also purchase one directly at Enterprise car rentals Las Vegas, NV office.

    If you have all the necessary documents and qualifications, there are two major booking opportunities. You can either use Rentalcars.com website to choose the available options of vehicles for a period of time. The second way is to book directly from the Enterprise website. As soon as you’ve chosen the dates, the website will show the possible options. There is a great selection for all kinds of travelers, starting with compact economy ones and up to luxurious variants. You can also choose the option to select a car upon pick up (compact or larger), which is great if you are not sure now.

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