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E-Z Car Rental

    Do you have any plans for a splendid holiday in Las Vegas? Good. Then you will definitely need to rent a car. Nobody wants to spend money on a taxi or ride public transport on their vacation. Nowadays you can find a lot of options for car rental services online, so it should not be a problem for you to rent a decent vehicle for a couple of days. One of such services is represented by E-Z company. There is a short review which will make you understand what to deal with when you land in the city of gambling, partying and fun.

    Why use E-Z?

    This is one of the cheapest rental services on the market. Renting a new SUV for the price of $21 per day is something worth mentioning. E-Z car rental Las Vegas NV is quick, customer-friendly and gives you a splendid opportunity to choose from the vast number of vehicles. This company has more than 140 representatives countrywide and is very fast in picking-up and dropping-off cars. You just need to make your reservations beforehand and make the deposit, and the rest will be discussed with you on the day of your arrival.

    Ratings of the E-Z

    The overall rating for E-Z rent a car Las Vegas is 5 out of 5 according to one popular web site, which deals with renting cars. This means that the expectations of the price and quality are usually met and the counter staff is polite and quick and do not bother you with unnecessary procedures or questions. The cleanliness of the vehicles is at a decent level, and the pick-up and drop-off processes are quick and convenient. This is a very high grade for this service in Las Vegas, which means that you will probably meet your expectation, despite the low cost of the service.

    • The E-Z rent-a-car Las Vegas has plenty of options to choose from. You can go with some traditional options as Kia or Toyota or simply choose an SUV and save some money by the discount.
    • The website of the company is very easy to use and has clear information on how to make a pre-order and what is required of you to make a reservation. There is a discount system for military and governmental employees, students, teachers, and school employees, police and service personnel, as well as a senior discount. You can also participate in the E-Z money discount program when you rent with Las Vegas E-Z rent a car.
    • Customer service proves to be polite and pleasant. There is no harsh attitude towards clients and if you stand in the line for too long, then you will be upgraded to the next class and can rent a better car for the price of the cheaper one – which is definitely a benefit.
    • What is more, the website has some of the FAQs for those who want to visit Las Vegas and do not know what to do in the city. Enjoy reading these tips, as they may be helpful for you.
    • You do not need any insurance if you decide to rent a car with E-Z Rental Company if you are going to ride around the city, which cuts your expenses on this.
    • The office works 24/7 and has a helpline for you if you have any trouble or issues with the rent.
    • There is an opportunity for you to buy the car which the company does not use anymore – for the detailed information you can call the office.
    • In addition to that all, the cash is accepted for rental purposes, which is not done in some companies.


    • There are some of the restrictions that may be imposed on you for renting a car with an E-Z car rental in Las Vegas. The aging rate is 21, and for some of the vehicles, it is 25. Also, there is a 10 day limit for the rent of the car in the city. What is more, if your driver`s license is within 65 miles then you cannot rent better than the economy class car, which actually makes your choice range much smaller.
    • Another thing that annoys many of the customers is that you may be charged for the insurance, but the website of the company states that you do not need one. Please make sure that a counter person does not charge any extra fees from you in order to avoid any unnecessary expenses.
    • Standing in the line is a problem and unfortunately due to the high amount of visitors you may stick for a while in a queue.

    How to book from E-Z car rental

    For every rent with Las Vegas E-Z car rental, you need to make a 200$ deposit. This is obligatory for all of the customers. Also, the deposit may be increased if your age is less than 21 years.
    The booking process is rather convenient – you need to register on the E-Z website and choose the car you want. Make a deposit and then visit the office to pick-up the vehicle.
    If you are already in the office, you need only a drivers` license and a credit card with your name.

    Where to find a car from E-Z?

    The E-Z office in Las Vegas is situated in car rental area 20 minutes ride from the Las Vegas Airport. You can easily reach there by bus that goes every 5 minutes. The address is – 7135 Gilespie Street. This is a very convenient way to get your order quickly and without any problems.
    E-Z rent-a-car Las Vegas is a decent choice if you decide to visit the city of joy. You will get quick and polite service; however, the matter of the deposit may be not pleasant for you. Aside from any other competitors, this company does its best to make a pleasant impression on the customers. The cars are clean, but they may be not the cheapest on the market. When you take a bus to the rental area – be sure that you can stand in the line for a while, but you will be pleased after all.

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