National Car Rental in Las Vegas
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National Car Rental in Las Vegas

    Many visitors and travelers choose to rent a vehicle as it is a fast and convenient type of transportation. You can be flexible in your driving and have a comfortable experience whenever you go. Las Vegas is no exclusion to this rule as there is so much to see here that it is better to be driving. Public transport is not very efficient in the city, and if you are going to visit some beautiful places outside the city, it is better to have a car. The only question is how to choose a credible provider. This is a full and detailed review of National car rental in Las Vegas regarding their policies and services.

    General Information Regarding National Car Rental, Las Vegas

    This company has been providing rentable vehicles starting from the 1940s and has an excellent reputation. Now it is a part of Enterprise Holdings, as well as Enterprise rent-a-car and Alamo rent a car. They have a great policy for constant clients and a convenient mobile app. There is also an Emerald club program that allows enjoying special privileges, which might be interesting for those who travel a lot.
    National has offices not only in the United States, but also worldwide, in Greece, New Zealand, Thailand, Canada, and Australia, which is beneficial for people traveling around the globe.

    What are the main benefits of National car rental in Las Vegas, NV?

    • Affordable pricing. If you are interested in saving up some money, this provider is a great opportunity.
    • Convenient pick-up and drop-off policies.
    • Booking through is free of charge (yet another way to save up some money).
    • They take discount coupons if you have one.
    • Amazing choice of vehicles.

    What about National car Las Vegas disadvantages? Generally, the clients’ experience is pretty satisfied with the services. However, they have a 25+ policy, which can be a downside for people of the ages 21-24. It means that they will have to pay an additional fee and there is a restriction in the types of vehicle they can rent. The luxury vehicles are overall available for a driver of 25+ years. National car rental Vegas is not the only provider with such policy; it is more a rule than an exception.

    Rating of National Car Sales Las Vegas

    Overall, people are generally satisfied with the services of this company. They claim that the staff is polite and helpful and there is almost no waiting. However, some of the clients were not very happy with the vehicles they’ve got, stating that there were minor dirty spots on the outside of a vehicle (according to clients’ reviews on

    • National rental car Las Vegas has rating 8 at with more than 10 thousand reviews. Comments stated fast service, attention to detail and good state of vehicles.
    • Its Yelp rating is 4 stars with more than 350 reviews from clients. People claimed that cars are really nice and the staff is extremely helpful. Also, the price range is very satisfying.

    Las Vegas National car rental office works 24/7, and it is a superb opportunity for everyone to get a vehicle immediately whenever there is a need for one.

    National Car Rental Las Vegas Airport: Where to Find

    The company has a representative office in McCarran’s rent-a-car center. It is located near the airport, just several miles up south. How to get there? You need to get on a shuttle bus from a Terminal where you’ve landed. They go every 10-15 minutes, and the trip is very quick.
    National car rentals Las Vegas airport are extremely convenient in terms of pick-up and drop-off of vehicles. First of all, it is always open, and you can get an agreement and keys from a car very fast. Secondly, when your visit is over, you need to drive up to the parking lot of rent-a-car center and return it to a marked parking space of National car Las Vegas Airport. You can do this at any time of night or day. If it is after hours just drop off the key to the special box and proceed to a shuttle bus to your Terminal. It is one of the most time efficient National car rental locations in Las Vegas because you get directly to the flight.

    National Rent a Car Las Vegas: Renter Requirements

    What do you need to have to rent a vehicle from this provider? First of all, you need to be 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license. As it was mentioned, drivers from 21 up to 24 years old will be charged additionally. You also need to have a major credit card register on your name and insurance. Check with your bank whether your credit card covers insurance, if not you can purchase it at National cat rentals Las Vegas directly.
    Travelers that are not residents of the USA or Canada need to have an international driving permit as well as a local driver’s license. They also need to show a valid passport with the name similar to the one on the driver’s license.
    How to book a vehicle from National? You can either use or do it directly through the National website. It is always better to book a car in advance as you have a better choice of vehicles available at certain dates. There will probably be available some options when you arrive at McCarran airport, but it is better not to take chances when it comes to a perfect visit.
    National cat hire Las Vegas is a well-trusted company that is known for affordable prices and great service. They take such forms of payments as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, Debit Card, Traveler’s Check or Cash. Please note that people using a debit card as a deposit may rent only economy cars and minivans.
    There is also an option to have an additional driver that should meet the same requirements as the renter (the exception is to a spouse or domestic partner of renter). Please note that there will be some additional fee for a second driver.

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