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Hertz Car Rental Las Vegas

    If you cannot imagine a couple of days without your car, it is still not a reason to drive all the long way from home to Vegas. Land in an airport and pick up a nice vehicle, just like yours or very similar. Hertz rental is one of the top choices. Here is a short guide to this service with all necessary details.

    Why use Hertz?

    Travelers choose Hertz to rent car Las Vegas for different reasons. Some look for safety, the others for convenience, simplicity, or even special promo offers. There are people, who just address the first service they see on arrival. If you travel by plane, you are very likely to notice Hertz car rental Las Vegas McCarran airport. But what are other factors that make this service good?
    #1. Simplicity. Online booking form has only several rows users are to fill – name, pickup location, date, and vehicle type. Just prepare a bank card (debit or credit) to book a car and an ID to pick it up.
    #2. Security. The company doesn’t ask to share more information about you than they actually need. When you come to pick up, you’ll be asked to show:

    • an ID to confirm your identity;
    • a voucher that certifies your payment;
    • a driving license, valid and held at least for 12 months, though some require 24.

    Thus, you can be certain that the company has checked everything about a person, who drove before you.
    #3. Good terms & conditions. Hertz will give a vehicle for clients aged between 21 and 70. Sometimes drivers over 70 are allowed driving as well, just for an additional fee. The same thing with people younger than 25 – additional fee might be requested. Still, this age is lower than some other companies offer.
    #4. Convenience. Besides Las Vegas airport rental car return Hertz, you can leave or pick a car in over 20 other locations around the city. Find a necessary address on the official website and leave a vehicle where it is more convenient for you. It is also possible to book a car for someone else.
    #5. Good deals. The company provides a big selection of options for rent. Besides the most popular Toyota Corolla, you can choose an SUV, a minivan, something of luxury class – whatever lets you feel comfortable and meets your financial expectations. You can be lucky to rent a car for around $20.
    #6. Assistance. Many clients choose Hertz to rent a car Las Vegas NV because of their excellent customer service. You can always ask for advice or clarification. Every option comes with a detailed description. Pay attention to the following things before renting:

    • Space – depends on how many passengers are with you, how much luggage you carry.
    • Fuel expense – it matters a lot if you want to drive around the city or plan a long trip, like visiting Grand Canyon.
    • Location – whether you need wheels instantly or plan to arrive by taxi and walk around for some time.

    Ratings for Hertz

    Ratings are always subjective. Nevertheless, when it comes to Hertz rental car Las Vegas airport and Hertz car rental Vegas in general, this service receives 7.3 points. This mark is based on around 4,500 reviews on Kayak, making Hertz the second best renting service in Vegas.
    The service has received the highest point for cleanliness, which is very important. A clean interior and exterior is the first thing that lets you feel comfortable. Users rated pickup and Hertz rental car return Las Vegas the lowest. Taking into account a number of locations, it might be a concern for customers who are in a hurry.
    Top three things that users value are:

    • Staff – efficient, helpful, and very friendly.
    • Available cars – clean, comfortable, nice, reliable, decently priced.
    • Overall experience – no surprises or troubles.

    Top three things that users don’t like are:

    • Reserved options are not always available.
    • Misleading pick up location, sites are often difficult to find.
    • Slow service.

    As you can see from the comments above, user reviews can be misleading. Let’s try to figure out more objective reasons to use Hertz rent a car Las Vegas Nevada, based mostly on facts and not emotions.

    • Huge selection. The service functions in many countries on five continents. If you choose “United States” in a destination row, you will see that a list of cars available is considerably longer compared to the majority of other countries. A convenient division into categories makes it easy to choose exactly what you need.
    • 25% of users confirm that they managed to rent a car at Hertz car sales Las Nevada for less than $35. Below-average prices are usually available if you rent at least 24 hours before pick-up. Mini rental cars are 48% cheaper than any other type.
    • Besides Hertz rental car Las Vegas McCarran airport, the company has more than 20 locations in the city. It is not difficult to find the one that is near you or within easy reach.

    Speaking about the reasons against renting a vehicle, they are rather general and not related to this particular service. Before you head to Hertz rental car Las Vegas, think well whether you need a car during your stay at all.

    • If you come for sightseeing and casinos, you can find fairly priced accommodation in the city center, where everything interesting is located within walking distance.
    • If you aren’t a fan of planning, forget about rental services and consider one of the numerous awesome tours instead.
    • You will be aware of the specs but lack the knowledge of some nuances. If a car breaks down or you get into an accident, it is more complicated to handle such a situation. You may need some time to adjust to a new vehicle and plan your time well.
    • You may find it difficult to find a return point as some other users.

    How to book Herz car

    To get a car at Hertz car rental Las Vegas airport or any other pickup point, just fill in a simple form on the official website. The information you need to provide includes:

    • Pick-up location – city, state, or airport code. Users can choose an option from the drop-down list. Check if you plan to return it in a different location.
    • Pick-up and return date and time.
    • Driver’s age at the time of pick-up.
    • Vehicle type – choose from the drop-down list.

    Then, click on “Get a quote.” You will be redirected to the next page to pick a car. Choose payment option, extras (if you need some), and finish your booking. Save the receipt to show before on site.

    Where to find in the airport Herz car rental

    The international McCarran International Airport is one of the most popular locations for Hertz rent a car Las Vegas. You can find it at 7135 Gilespie Street.
    Check out the map before you head there to make sure you won’t get lost. Feel free to contact the service at (702) 262-7700 to specify some details.
    Don’t worry about timing: they are open 24/7 all year round.
    Enjoy your ride and have a good time in Vegas!

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